Release Notes

Cinegy Stream Switcher is an automatic system to support failover configuration in IP domains. It is used for the automatic switching of IP streams in redundant configurations. It works with any external system that generates RTP and UDP streams intended to be monitored.

The full Cinegy Stream Switcher package components are:

Cinegy Stream Switcher 23.2

Cinegy Stream Switcher Release: 23.2

Cinegy Stream Switcher Build:

Release Date: June 27, 2023

Please note that before you start the installation, it is required to manually uninstall all Cinegy Stream Switcher components that you may have on your machine.
Installation of .NET Framework 4.8 or later is required before the Cinegy Stream Switcher installation. You can download the appropriate installer package directly from the Microsoft website. After installing the .NET Framework, the OS reboot is required. Otherwise, the installation may fail.

Major Improvements

  • introduced a new GUI look in dark theme (USs 7339, 6978, 6151)

  • updated integrated Cinegy Route support (US 7034)

  • renamed the alerts section to "TR 101 Alerts" to match the name of the standard used (US 7350)

  • supported selection of a Network Interface Card (NIC) from the drop-down list (US 7351)

  • added a dialog on applying the edited settings (US 6775)

  • renamed several options in the interface (US 7368)

  • updated toolkits (US 7340)

  • added support for .NET Framework 4.8 (US 7374, defect 16332)

Major Fixes

  • fixed issue with the output stream not listening to the streaming interface which is different from source NIC (defect 12225, ticket LYN-431-96374)

  • fixed issue with checkboxes for parameters "Stream Switcher control interface" and "Streaming interface" not being saved after restart (defect 14821)

  • fixed issue with values not being saved for the "Streaming interface" and "Stream Switcher control interface" fields (defect 16249)

  • fixed issue with consuming an incorrect number of licenses (defect 14504, ticket AJW-919-79391)

  • fixed incorrect switching to the backup after stopping/starting (defect 13874, ticket SEZ-700-87437)

  • fixed application crash after clicking "Cancel" in Source Browser (defect 14113)

  • fixed application crash when trying to save settings of the stream (defect 14307, ticket SZY-182-90450)

  • fixed issue with not displaying a tooltip if the field source is highlighted in red (defect 14927)

  • fixed issues with displaying the tree in the "Select Log folder" dialog box (defects 14932, 14933, 14934)

  • improved stream address validation (defect 16297)

  • fixed GUI issues in the Source Browser (defects 14837, 14840, 14842, 14820)

  • fixed possibility to enter and save in Stream Setting URL in SRT format, which is not supported by Cinegy Stream Switcher (defect 16256)

Important Known Issues

  • Intermittent failures to disable logging (defect 16260).

  • SNMP notifications may keep arriving after being toggled off (defect 16266).