Cinegy Cinegize 24

Cinegize takes center stage as the game-changer in remote control solutions for one or many PCs or workstations via LAN, Wi-Fi or Internet, providing the highest quality and lowest-latency access possible.

It is specifically designed to deal with high resolutions, high frame rates on full-screen, including audio playback while having minimal impact on both the host and client machines.

Cinegize allows user to take command over the connection types, video quality, and latency with ease. It adapts to the nuances of various connections by achieving latency of around 1 fps.

Cinigize provides remote control without the need for additional hardware – a user can leverage the prowess of his discrete or integrated GPU, whether it’s NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel. It features the automatic CPU fallback and ensures a seamless experience even when GPU video encoding is not available.

Cinegize ensures AES-256 encryption, providing a secure, peer-to-peer connection with no room for interference. Another prominent feature is connecting to multiple hosts simultaneously, effortlessly navigating firewalls without the hassle of a VPN.

The keyboard/mouse and clipboard integration are realized through a dedicated control channel allowing interactivity with the host.

The open standards that are adopted by Cinegize – SRT and RTP – break free from proprietary protocols and ensure flexibility and compatibility. More flexibility is provided by optional features such as TURN and STUN servers for WebRTC.

Cinegize transcends resolution restrictions, offering hyper-fast Daniel2 encoding for resolutions beyond 8K and ultra-low latency encoding.

A new virtual display adapter takes remote access with GPU acceleration using VMs, VDI, cloud workstations or remote PCs without connected screen.