Cinegy uses various tools to improve the workflow and productivity.

You can connect to a Cinegy Archive database, change video settings, use messenger for better collaboration, check your system log or use the navigator for file or Internet browsing.


The Cinegy Messenger tool allows you to exchange text messages between the Cinegy users as well as with any standalone user connected to the corresponding message server. The messages can include URLs to the Cinegy Archive objects. This provides the easiest way to exchange information in the production process.

The Cinegy Navigator window is the file and Internet browser inside Cinegy Desktop. It is particularly useful together with the Cinegy Archive document management system.

Another important service provided via Cinegy Navigator is the federated search.

Cinegy Navigator is also a perfect tool to provide easy integration with web-based third-party applications, such as an external search and media browsing.

Third-Party Tools

Different additional productivity tools may be integrated with your Cinegy products. For example, Cinegy eXtreme – a high-end video compositing system is integrated into Cinegy system and may be included into your delivery. Other complete 3-D or particle generation tools may also be available.

Consult the corresponding manuals to learn how to work with the tools and how to collaborate within them with Cinegy products.