The Loudness Control in Cinegy Playout is now provided by a third party Linear Acoustics (LA) professional plugin and as such requires additional Licensing from Linear Acoustics (part of the Telos Alliance). There is an additional License cost incurred for permanent installations. Previous versions of Loudness control are no longer supported.

In order to run this feature a software license is required, as well as installing third party CodeMeter software. Activation can also be achieved by a hardware Dongle, but this does carry an additional cost and still requires CodeMeter software. Cinegy are happy to deal with Linear Acoustics to provide both time limited testing and permanent licenses.

Activating the Loudness plugin without a license, by checking the Loudness Control checkbox in the Air Engine Audio Configuration menu without installing a license will prevent the Cinegy Playout engine from starting. Unchecking the option will restore the Cinegy Playout engine to its previous configuration.

This quick guide takes you through the steps to get your Linear Acoustics (LA) Loudness plugin license.

STEP 1: Preparing for License Installation

Before installation make sure the machine you are using has the required Microsoft Windows operating system installed along with the recommended service packs. Details on system recommendations are available through the Cinegy Open website.

Check that any sets of custom codecs or fonts are installed on both the client and the playout server stations.

Download the latest Cinegy Air v12 or above installation package (PRO or SOLO version) which includes the Cinegy Playout installation package. Copy the installers to a shared location in your network so that all client machines can access the package for convenient installation.

Local administrator rights are required for both computers (playout client station and playout server) to install Cinegy Air.

STEP 2: Installing CodeMeter Software

The CodeMeter software has to be installed on the machine/server where Cinegy Playout is running. The installation package is available through Cinegy Partner and Cinegy User websites. Follow the installation steps to get the CodeMeter application up and running. Once installed the application can be launched from Start > All Programs menu.

STEP 3: Generating LA License Request

Please note that the LA license is machine-specific.

To start generating the LA license, open the CodeMeter Control Centre application:


Drag the Linear Acoustics_APTO Stream.wbb file from the "softwareLicense" folder included in Linear Acoustics Licensing package into the CodeMeter control panel (left hand side). This will drop a blank license request into the list.


Select the newly added request and click "Activate License":


Proceed by checking "Create license Request" option:


Having finished generating a license request, save the file and send it to your Cinegy representative via the e-mail. A file will be returned which needs to be drag-and-dropped into the CodeMeter control Panel.

STEP 4: Installing and Running the APTO License Service

Run the " License Service Setup.exe" file from the "License Service" folder. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard in order to install APTO license service:

Please note that after installation is complete it is recommended to restart your machine.

STEP 5: Selecting the Loudness Plugin in the Cinegy Playout Configuration

Launch Cinegy Playout Configuration tool and select the instance you would like to configure. Navigate to the "Audio" settings tab.

Then select the required engine output channel(s) and right-click on the sound output box:


In the opened configuration window select the "Loudness control" option to access the operational settings and the Loudness standards required:

Default values should provide user with correct control settings and should not be adjusted unless a user is familiar with the required loudness control settings:

STEP 6: Troubleshooting the APTO License Service

In case the license has not been activated or seen by the license service, the playout engine will fail to start when the Audio configuration "Loudness control" option box is ticked.

For troubleshooting purposes, check whether the Licensing Service is running and restart it if needed.