The Cinegy Reporting Tool allows you to collect general information about the system and all Cinegy products installed on your computer.

Having launched the Cinegy Reporting Tool, on the "Welcome" page select the "Typical" mode to use the default settings for report generation:


Press the "Next" button to proceed. In the next step provide your company contact information:


Specify the Helpdesk ticket ID of the issue submitted to the Helpdesk system, related to the report being generated.

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Press the "Next" button to proceed to the "Summary" page, which contains the list of all installed Cinegy products and the information about what components will be included in the report by default:

By default, all Cinegy products installed on your machine are selected in typical mode. Use the Advanced mode to customize the list of products, that will be added to the report.

To automatically upload the generated report to the Cinegy FTP server for its analysis by the support team, select the corresponding checkbox and specify your Cinegy FTP credentials:


Press the "Generate" button to begin the report generation:


The final step of the Cinegy Reporting Tool wizard contains the report file summary:


Select the corresponding checkbox to open the generated report in Cinegy Report Viewer.

Press the "Finish" button to exit the Cinegy Reporting Tool.