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Productivity Tools

Cinegy includes various tools to improve the workflow and productivity. You can connect to a Cinegy Archive database, change the video settings, use messenger for better collaboration, check your system log or use the navigator for file or internet browsing. Messenger The Cinegy Messenger tool allows you to exchange text messages between the Cinegy users as well as with any standalone user connected to the corresponding message server. The messages can include URLs to the Cinegy Archive objects.


Fully Integrated TV Production System Every broadcasting company, media production house and post-production facility can streamline their production and achieve a dramatic increase in productivity while saving costs and improving quality at the same time. Cinegy products offer a flexible, scalable solution that guarantees an early return-on-investment. Ordinary PCs used for day-to-day office business form the platform for Cinegy software. When using Cinegy, the production process becomes modernized, streamlined and less time consuming.