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What's New in Cinegy Route 22

Of all releases from this year, Cinegy Route, as one of smaller and less known products in Cinegy family, is in danger of being overshadowed by the likes of new Cinegy Air and Cinegy Multiviewer.

However, those of you, who did not miss this release, are up for a treat!

What's New in Cinegy Multiviewer 15

I bet many of you have seen that we have released our new and shiny 8K-capable Cinegy Multiviewer 15. This release was much anticipated and some of you are already enjoying the new features of Multiviewer 15 you’ve been waiting for in production. It goes without saying that the new Multiviewer has a great many bugfixes, performance optimizations and compatibility enhancements to run reliably on the latest Microsoft operating systems as well as embracing the latest and greatest technologies and protocols widely used in the industry.