This article provides an overview of procedures for activating, re-activating, removing and activating software licenses on another host.


Cinegy products support two licensing modes:

  • hardware licenses (USB dongles);

  • software licenses (license key files).

Both licensing modes can be used on a single machine simultaneously. Differences between two licensing modes are highlighted in the table below:

Feature Hardware Software


Physical USB-attached device

License key file

Delivery timeframes

Courier mail (up to several business days)

Immediate (can be emailed)

Moving to different host

Immediate (plug-in to USB port)

Can be moved only after license assignment period (typically 90 days)


Cannot be virtualized as it has to be attached to the physical host

Can be used on any virtual machine


Permanent (until expiry date, if specified)

Has to be re-activated periodically (typically once every 45 days)

The following features are supported by both licensing modes:

  • time-limited licenses;

  • remote upgrades to next major versions;

Activating Software License

Cinegy software licenses are provided in a form of unique serial numbers that have to be activated on the target machine.

Software license activation requires an active Internet connection.

To activate software license on the target machine, use Cinegy License Manager.

Cinegy License Manager can be downloaded from Cinegy User Portal and Cinegy Partner Portal.

Once Cinegy License Manager is installed, run the application and the following window will be shown:


The list will show all software licenses installed on the current machine, if any. Press the "Add license" button to activate a software license on the current machine. The following dialog box appears:


Copy and paste the serial number into the corresponding field. The serial number validity will be checked against the Cinegy online licensing system. Once checked, a green tick will appear indicating a successful checkout and the bottom section will be populated with the license details as shown here:


In order to proceed, click on "I Understand – Install License" and wait whilst the license file is downloaded to the machine. The message below will notify that the license has been added successfully:

The software license has to be periodically re-activated to remain valid. Please refer to the section below for additional details.

Once the license has been installed, you can go back to the main page of the application to see all active licenses added to your machine:


If you have any additional licenses to add, click on the "Add license" button again and repeat the process. Do this for each license you need to add to the machine.

Once all required licenses have been installed, you can click on the "Details" button to get some additional information such as an expiry date, the date when the license was last renewed and whether a machine ID change is possible.

License details

Once you have finished, Cinegy License Manager can be closed.

Re-Activating Software License

Once activated on the target machine, the software license will remain valid up to 45 days. After this period, the software license becomes void unless re-activated. In case the target machine has a permanent access to the Internet, the re-activation process is done automatically by the Cinegy License Service running on the same machine.

Alternatively, the license can be re-activated manually via Cinegy License Manager. To do so, enable Internet access for the machine and start the application. Select the required license from the list and press the “Details” button. The “License Details” dialog will be shown:


The last license re-generation date will be shown in the “Last Renewed” field. Press the “Save & Regenerate” button to update the license and extend the license validity period.

Removing Software License

The software license can be removed from the current machine via Cinegy License Manager. To do so, start the application and select the required license from the list. Press the “Details” button. The “License Details” dialog will be shown:


Press the “Delete” button to remove the license from the current machine.

Activating Software License on Another Host

The Cinegy software license can be activated on another host when the license assignment period is lapsed. This period is typically 90 days from the first license activation on the initial host.

The software license cannot be moved by the user from the initial machine to another host until the license assignment period (90 days) is lapsed. Please, contact Cinegy Support in case the license needs to be moved earlier.

To activate the software license on the new host, start Cinegy License Manager application and press the "Add license" button. The following dialog box appears:


Copy and paste the serial number into the corresponding field. The serial number validity will be checked against the Cinegy online licensing system. In case the license has been previously installed onto another machine, License Manager will specify the unique ID of the machine and when it is possible for it to be moved. This can be indicated as shown below:


To activate the license on a new host, press the “I Understand – Install License” button. The license will be re-assigned to the new host and a new license assignment period will be started.