Release Notes

Cinegy Title 24.1 Release 1

Cinegy Title Release: 24.1 R1

Cinegy Title Build: 24.1.466.856

Cinegy Title Engine Build:

Compatible with: Cinegy Air 24.1

Release Date: January 18, 2024

Cinegy Desktop 22.12 is incompatible with Cinegy Title 24.1.
Please note that before you start the Cinegy Title installation, it is required to manually uninstall all Cinegy Titler components that you may have on your machine if the currently installed version is 21.2 or lower.
We do not recommend using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to work with Cinegy Title Editor due to some protocol limitations related to GPU acceleration.
Cinegy Title system recommendations are available in this article.

Major Improvements & Fixes

Cinegy Title

  • introduced improvements to the color selection dialog (US 7428, defect 16575)

  • introduced the "Run" option for the Plate objects using video files (US 3865)

  • introduced minor UI improvements in the context menus (US 7434, defects 16611, 16693, 16702)

  • improved the "Error loading data" warning dialog (defect 16667)

  • fixed issue with saving changes in the "Text Substitution Dictionary" dialog in the editor opened in the Cinegy Title plugin in Cinegy Desktop (defect 16449)

  • fixed issue with preserving the update mode changes for a variable made in Cinegy Title editor launched from Cinegy Desktop (defect 16448)

  • fixed issue with reverting the changes made in the "Update mode" and "Queue" options for variables when using the "Undo" command or Ctrl+Z shortcut (defect 16455)

  • fixed saving a template using the "Save as…​"/"Save as bundle…​" commands if the template contains an image inserted into the text (defect 16454)

  • fixed error caused by an attempt to save the changes in the text substitution dictionary in the template that was exported from Cinegy Desktop (defect 16460)

  • fixed incorrect image displaying in the text box if it was inserted after an image and following line break (defect 16462)

  • fixed warning about missing media when trying to save a template via the "Save as" command if the template contains a link to a media file in Cinegy Archive (defect 16555)

  • fixed macros selection from the drop-down list using the keyboard after entering the $ symbol in the field of the String variable (defect 16610)

  • fixed application hang when pressing the […​] button of a string variable if the path to an image in the text is unavailable (defect 16709)

  • fixed moving of the Plate object together with the Text object if the "AutoSize" and "Gradient" effects are added (defect 16548)

  • fixed long text displaying on the canvas after enabling the "Word Wrap" parameter if the Text object has a small size (defect 16361)

  • fixed {\a10} tag processing for setting the "Middle center" alignment in SRT subtitles (defect 16408)

  • fixed changing of parameter values of the AutoSize effect in a Plate object using keyframes (defect 16771)

Important Known Issues

  • The functionality of the "Run" option for plates is currently in the beta stage. Please be aware there may be issues with functionality in this release, previous functionality is unaffected.

  • Colors in semi-transparent areas within the media file used in the Cinegy Title template are displayed incorrectly if the color specified in the "Source Matted With Color" parameter is not black. The issue occurs for the Straight and Premultiplied rendering modes when previewing secondary events (Cinegy CG preview in the "Load Template" window, Clip viewer preview) and Sequences (Cinegy Title template as a main item) output. We recommend generating media files with Premultiplied alpha using the black background and do not change the black color in the "Source Matted With Color" parameter in the Cinegy Title template.