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Cinegy Multiviewer 21 – Go Further With GPU

This post is a slightly amended version of the presentation that Yaroslav Korniets gave during Cinegy’s Technical Conference 2021 which was live-streamed on March 25th and is now available to view as a recording. NVIDIA GPU Acceleration Overview Graphics chips started as fixed-function graphics pipelines. Over the years, these graphics chips became increasingly programmable, which led NVIDIA to introduce the first Graphic Processing Unit. The biggest constraint in using the GPUs for general purposes was that they required the use of graphics programming languages like OpenGL and CG to program the GPU.

Hacking Cinegy

The idea behind the original presentation at TechCon 2016 was to show how you can extend your workflow using the open architecture of Cinegy products and open Cinegy APIs.

So in this post we will revisit some of these demonstrations and show that such kind of 'scripting' is not as difficult as most of you may think and can open new horizons for your everyday tasks.