Cinegy License Viewer is a tool for viewing licenses available on your Cinegy dongle, as well as for generating remote upgrade requests. Such upgrades are required for all USB dongles for all Cinegy products needing a USB license key.

This article describes the process of upgrading the currently used USB dongles to be compatible with the latest version of Cinegy software.

This process includes the following steps:

STEP ONE: Cinegy License Viewer Installation

Cinegy provides a special utility – Cinegy License Viewer – to help you check and upgrade the USB dongles and licenses enabled on them.

In order to install the Cinegy License Viewer utility, please download the Cinegy License Viewer installation package from the Cinegy Partner portal or the Cinegy Customer portal, then run the SetupLicenseViewer.msi file from the Cinegy License Viewer installation package and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Please ensure you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64) package installed on your PC before you start Cinegy License Viewer installation.

LV icon

Once Cinegy License Viewer is installed, the corresponding icon appears on your Windows desktop.

STEP TWO: Remote Dongle Upgrade/Programming Request

Cinegy License Viewer can be used to create request files that identify the USB dongle available and allow Cinegy to create and send updates to customers remotely.

In order to request the licenses remotely, please perform the following steps:

  1. Start the Cinegy License Viewer utility.

  2. Select a dongle you want to remotely upgrade from the list on the top panel:


  3. Select the "Generate upgrade request" command from the "Remote upgrade" menu:


  4. Choose a folder on a local disk, enter a name for the request file, and press "Save". The request file with the given name will be generated then.

  5. Send this request file to the Cinegy support team by adding it to the dongle upgrade ticket on the Cinegy Support Team]:


    Please note, that filling in all fields marked with an asterisk (*) is obligatory. You may also be interested in reading the How to Get the Best out of Cinegy Helpdesk post to get acquainted with the basic Cinegy support procedures and workflow, as well as with recommendations on achieving smooth and efficient support process and cooperation.

    In the "Dongle/Software License ID" field specify your dongle ID that can be verified in the Cinegy License Viewer utility as follows:

    dongle ID

    The Cinegy team will then generate the response file containing the activation code, which will be emailed to you. This file can be applied at your location, but it will only work on the dongle the request was generated with.

    Be sure the generated request file sent to Cinegy matches the dongle it belongs to.

STEP THREE: New Licenses Activation

In order to activate the response activation code and upgrade the licenses, please do the following:

  1. Save the response file locally on the disk.

  2. Make sure that only one Cinegy dongle is inserted into the USB port. This is the one, which was used for the request generation.

  3. Start the Cinegy License Viewer utility.

  4. Select the dongle in the list on the top panel.

  5. Select the "Process the activation code" command from the "Remote upgrade" menu:

  6. Select the response file saved locally and press the "Open" button. The activation process will be started after that.

    This operation may take some time. Please DO NOT remove the Cinegy dongle until the operation is finished.
    The only dongle, which was used for the request generation, can be activated with this response file, and only once! If you need to add more licenses to the same dongle – you will need to generate a new request as described in Step Two.

STEP FOUR: Licenses Checkup

The Cinegy License Viewer utility can be used anytime in order to check what licenses are programmed into the dongles. You can also view the customer name this dongle is registered to and comments entered into the license by Cinegy, if any.

All the information about the licenses programmed onto the selected dongle is displayed on the bottom panel of the Cinegy License Viewer window:


This is the last stage required to update a dongle with new license information. Having upgraded the dongle on the active Cinegy system, you may need to restart the Cinegy License Service to pick up the changes.

Cinegy License Service Installation

The Cinegy License Service is required to provide Cinegy software with access to the information stored inside the USB hardware dongle.

This service needs to be installed on all the machines where the USB hardware dongle is used, as well as on the SQL server, and should be set up to start automatically. Once running, this service will take care of tracking the dongle installed and making sure your Cinegy software is correctly licensed.

Please note, once the USB dongle with updated settings is inserted, the Cinegy License Service restart is required. Alternatively, you may reboot the server.

In case you have followed all the instructions and recommendations given in this document and still have any questions or require assistance, please contact Helpdesk or Cinegy Support team.