Hello and welcome to the latest releases of Cinegy Air v24.1 and Cinegy Title v24.1.

It has been a year since the major release of Cinegy Air bundle; therefore, Cinegy Air 24.1 and Cinegy Title 24.1 bring together the accumulated improvements and features as a result of continual development and enhancements that make Cinegy Air increasingly attractive to large and small Broadcasters around the Globe. You will notice that the features are mainly driven by customer requests and required improvements.

In this document, we shall pick out some of the highlights, but please do check out the Release Notes for a full list of changes and additions to the various Cinegy Air components, and please also do carefully note our recommended and verified operating systems and drivers (particularly NVIDIA driver changes and requirements which were introduced in Cinegy Air v21.9 R2, but may still be a surprise to some, so again, don’t ignore the warning notes).

Major Changes

Below are lists of the major changes made in Cinegy Air v24.1 and Cinegy Title v24.1. We hope you will find them useful and application-enhancing, so enjoy.

Cinegy Air Control

  • It is now possible to display or hide the channel you are controlling without restarting the control application. The selection window can be accessed by using the "Select Channels" command available in the "Playout" main menu.


    Additionally, within the "Playout" menu, there is a new option which can easily deactivate the action buttons, namely, "START CUED", "CUE NEXT", "CUE SEL", and "GO ON". This feature can be useful for organizations looking to streamline playlist management by reducing interactive elements for interaction with the playlist. The “Disable control” command will disable these buttons, as well as the shortcut equivalents and menu alternatives.

  • Timeline view has enhanced features to display the “Category” colors and apply a stripey look to them to aid in identifying smaller items in long timelines (short promos, adverts, etc.).

  • We have rectified the ability to specify more than 9 Capture Engines in the secondary events panel. The new limit is 99, which should be enough for most of our larger Cinegy Capture customers 😊

  • We have added support for the Rosstalk protocol within the “Secondary Events” menu. This allows control of Ross switchers and Routers on a per playlist item basis, to change input source to the Cinegy Air Engine for live events. There have also been a selection of minor fixes and improvements throughout the Cinegy Air applications including MP4 file handling improvements and H.264 color settings additions, all of which enhance the functionality and stability of the Cinegy Air product range.

For a full list of features and enhancements please do read the Cinegy Air 24.1 release notes on the Cinegy Open website.

Cinegy Title

Cinegy Title v24.1 features a number of enhancements for a more intuitive and flexible user experience:

  • Enhanced color selection dialog now features palettes of basic colors and a section for recently used colors, providing a more sophisticated and user-friendly experience.

  • Other improvements: we’ve fixed numerous defects to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience.

  • Stay tuned for future updates, including advanced control over video positioning and texture movement.

For a full list of features and enhancements refer to the Cinegy Title 24.1 Release Notes.

We hope you will find the latest Cinegy Air and Cinegy Title versions useful and enjoyable.


Simon Pilbeam and A. Burak Soyak,
product managers of Cinegy Air and Cinegy Title