Release Notes

The full Cinegy Air package components are:

  • Cinegy Air provides a software-based system for SD/HD/UHD/8K playout automation using standard PC server hardware. Cinegy Air performs video playout by acting as a TCP/IP-connected video "printer" offering its services in a network. The Cinegy Air broadcast automation software connects to the Cinegy Air Playout service and instructs it what to "print" on air and when.

  • Cinegy Studio is a modern, highly configurable and customizable control panel for live and studio operations. It is offering a higher level of flexibility and additional advanced functionality like integration with Cinegy News workflows and also third-party MOS-based workflows.

  • Cinegy Playout is a universal tool that performs the final direct playout without rendering or export. This is a software-based system for SD/HD/UHD/8K playout using standard PC server hardware. It is controlled either by Cinegy Air or Cinegy Studio connected via TCP/IP without any need to restart or reconfigure.

  • Cinegy Encode allows the user to convert SD, HD or UHD SDI streams into broadcast-quality, SMPTE-compliant RTP/UDP and NDI streams or vice versa.

  • Cinegy Prompter is an optional component that runs on any commodity or tablet Windows-based PC and is compatible with any teleprompter hardware available on the market.

  • Cinegy EAS Gateway is used for receiving US emergency alert messages from the TFT 911 device and playing them automatically.

  • Cinegy Title, an integrated part of the Cinegy Air PRO Bundle, is the CG and branding option for Cinegy Air allowing to add multiple layers of automation/manually controlled, template-based titles, logos, animated graphics, and more. Cinegy Air PRO Bundle includes Cinegy Title Editor, the template designer for building and previewing templates offline as well as a dedicated Cinegy CG tool to control up to 10 layers of graphics and animation – perfect for live operations, such as news and sports. Cinegy Title now also supports audio elements, e.g., a "swoosh" sound when a logo appears or disappears.

    Cinegy Titler is rebranded to Cinegy Title.
  • Cinegy CG is a simple yet powerful live CG and channel branding tool giving you the power to control graphics in real-time on one or multiple Cinegy Playout engines at once. If a loaded graphics template has variables, Cinegy CG will let an operator change the values and even update them on-the-fly on one of the ten available layers.

  • Cinegy Event Manager is an events handler to manage secondary events that can be used to control external devices, such as external SDI switches or GPI signal generation.

Cinegy Air 24.1 Release 1

Cinegy Air Release: 24.1 R1

Cinegy Air Build:

Cinegy Title Build: 24.1.466.856

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 8.0.60811.4322

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 22.12+

Release Date: January 18, 2024

Please note that before you start the installation, it is required to manually uninstall all Cinegy Air and Cinegy Titler components that you may have on your machine if current installed version is 21.2 or lower.
Configuration made in Cinegy Playout v24.1 is incompatible with Cinegy Playout v21.9 and lower; thus, in case of a downgrade, Cinegy Playout engines will not migrate the settings, and the configuration should be reset manually.
Daniel2 GPU encoding/decoding performance balance is shifted compared with Cinegy Air v21.9 R1. Daniel 2 decoder is approximately 10% slower, while Daniel 2 GPU encoder is approximately 10% quicker. Please carry out performance testing on your system before using Cinegy Air version 24.1.
During installation, .NET Framework 4.8 is installed if lower version is detected in the system. Operating system restart may be required after installation is complete.
To optimize the performance of your NVIDIA graphics board, it is recommended to use the "Prefer maximum performance" value for the "Power management mode" parameter in the NVIDIA Control Panel.
NVIDIA GPU boards with installed drivers version 526.67 produce H.264 interlaced video marked as Frame picture structure. The issue is reported to NVIDIA support (NVIDIA Incident Report 4005908). We recommend using the NVIDIA graphics drivers release branch R515 (version 516.25 or later) that encodes the interlaced video with the correct marker of picture structure.
System memory and resources leak when creating and closing threads with NVIDIA graphics is detected in drivers version 526.67. The issue was reported to NVIDIA support (NVIDIA Incident Report 4027304) and is fixed in version 535.98. We recommend using 535.98 NVIDIA graphics drivers to fix the system memory and resources leak. Please verify the resources usage after drivers upgrades.
Please perform the process of NVIDIA drivers update only upon stopping Cinegy applications. For detailed instructions on installing NVIDIA driver, please refer to the NVIDIA Drivers installation article.
The Cinegy Air playlist format is extended to support the item’s dynamic range setting and is not compatible with Cinegy Air v21.9 and lower.
Preview player settings are extended and should be verified after upgrading to Cinegy Air v24.1 from v21.9
Please note that working with the AVID DNxHD/HR video codec requires an additional purchase of a codec license and installation of a separate plug-in. For details, please contact the Cinegy Sales Team.

Major Improvements


  • Legacy NDS EPG functionality is removed (US 7385)

  • improved parsing of text formatting from subtitle files (defects 16387, 16397)

  • improved decoding of specific MPEG files (defect 16544, ticket NRT-216-27792)

  • fixed crash on opening media files with HEVC codec (defect 16566)

  • fixed decoding of MP4 files with large time scale / media duration; improved reading samples of zero duration (defect 16696, ticket FLH-786-89899)

Cinegy Air

  • introduced better indication of custom categories on timeline (US 7405)

  • implemented option for disabling "Start cued", "Cue next", "Cue selected", and "Go On" commands and shortcuts to prevent accidental pressing of these function buttons and performing unwanted actions (US 7435)

  • implemented the ability to select and switch between active channels without restarting the Cinegy Air control application (US 7436)

  • it is now possible to define Cinegy Capture engine number up to 99 in the dialog for setting up capturing session as a secondary event (US 7118)

  • implemented possibility to add a Rosstalk secondary event via secondary events context menu (US 7419)

  • fixed saving of security settings in the configurator (defect 16428, ticket XUS-445-28162)

  • extended AirControl and AirServerEx logs (task 5123)

  • fixed playlist refreshing after adding file directly from the media storage (defect 16664)

  • fixed items replacing in the playlist if there are several item instances and they are placed in collapsed blocks (defect 16665)

  • fixed displaying of "Time to Start" for the item after navigating between block caption and an item in this block (defect 16708, ticket BZW-529-89571)

  • fixed Cinegy Title template playback if it is added to playlist as a primary event from DocumentBin or as MCRitem (defect 16583)

  • fixed Cinegy Air WEB API process crash on start if it is launched with "Launch web services on control startup" option enabled (defect 16704)

  • fixed warning about missing media when template is selected and pressing the [OK] button in the CG Browser (defect 16401)

  • fixed clip viewer hanging on playing some specific MP4 files if the playback slider is moved to the last frame and back (defect 16696, ticket FLH-786-89899)

  • fixed Cinegy Air control application crash as a result of a buffer overflow while decoding feedback stream audio (ticket NIU-278-96961)

  • implemented displaying of source stream IP and port in the "Source Browser" window when connected to Cinegy Route v22 (defect 16716)

  • fixed displaying items with positive variance on the timeline if the "Show actual duration of blocks and programs" option is disabled (defect 16720, ticket XMQ-324-88044)

Cinegy Studio

  • extended logging information (defect 16227, ticket AHK-741-74983)

  • implemented notifications about invalid Cinegy Capture templates on the Capture control panel (defect 14487)

  • fixed updating of Cinegy Capture template settings after template editing (defect 14488)

  • minor interface improvements in the Capture control panel (defects 16682, 14486)

  • implemented inability to change Cinegy Capture template during recording (defect 14486)

Cinegy Playout

  • implemented insertion of "color coefficient" and "video format" video usability information parameters for H.264 encoder (ticket ZAM-744-34128)

  • implemented PES packet headers for second fields of H.264 streams (US 7448, ticket ZPX-476-21899)

  • fixed IP increment for 4K AJA IP 2110 input device

  • extended logging information for Decklink input to track no-signal state

Cinegy CG

  • implemented UI improvements (defects 16658, 16659, 16660)

  • fixed loading of Cinegy Title template containing 4D variable (defect 16678)

Cinegy Event Manager

  • introduced improvements in Cavena integration (defect 16398, ticket ABA-742-81082)

  • fixed Evertz Router configuration (defect 16355, ticket EFM-663-91964)

Important Known Issues

  • NVIDIA RTX and other Turing-generation GPU boards no longer support interlace H.264 encoding. This applies to all versions of any Cinegy software supporting GPU encoding and is a hardware limitation of the NVIDIA boards. Boards of Pascal and earlier generations are not affected. If using GPU-accelerated NVIDIA features, please be careful to match your settings to the capabilities of your board. Cinegy Playout provides "Pseudo Interlace" mode to overcome these limitations, but please be aware it may only be compatible with other Cinegy software.

  • Some JPEG2000 OP1A files will fail to read correctly and will not proxy. JPEG2000 support should be considered experimental at this time.

  • AAC audio in the Cinegy Air control application preview can be distorted in some cases.

  • NDI version 5.x has a problem with frame skipping during interlaced stream decoding. As a workaround for interlaced stream decoding, we recommend replacing Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll version 5.1.3 with version 4.5.3 in the Cinegy Playout engine installation folder. The Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll version 4.5.3 can be found on the NewTek official site.

  • 1080p25 and 1080p29.97 TV formats are not currently supported due to the VANC decoding issue.

  • Occasional machine reboot after installing or updating Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

  • Cinegy File Browser is missing in Cinegy Studio (defect 15091).

  • Frame numbering issue for IBBBP/IBBBBP output with AAC-LC audio with some specific video codecs and bitrate (defect 15917, ticket BVA-906-12970).

  • Audio packet size decreases during audio silence on IP output with AAC-LC audio (defect 15950, ticket ENI-672-26743).

  • Blackmagic Design DeckLink video cards occasionally play video without sound or with distorted sound on output. Before using Blackmagic Design DeckLink cards for critical installations 24/7, extensive testing must be carried out in advance.

  • Colors in semi-transparent areas within the media file used in the Cinegy Title template are displayed incorrectly if the color specified in the "Source Matted With Color" parameter is not black. The issue occurs for the Straight and Premultiplied rendering modes when previewing secondary events (Cinegy CG preview in the "Load Template" window, Clip viewer preview) and Sequences (Cinegy Title template as a main item) output. We recommend generating media files with Premultiplied alpha using the black background and do not change the black color in the "Source Matted With Color" parameter in the Cinegy Title template.