Cinegy is using the AC-3 portion of the LIBAV of FFMPEG as dynamic loaded plugin for optional AC-3 encoding.

To create this very limited Windows OS dynamic loading library executable binary of (currently) 716kB, all other features of FFMPEG / LIBAV are disabled.

No program code was changed, only the appropriate compilation flags were set to achieve:

a) inclusion of only LGPL license compliant code;

b) excluding all other unwanted, not required code, and also dramatically reducing the size of the resulting DLL.

How to Build It

The exact process of building the library is detailed here.

LGPL License

The LGPL license wording can be found here.

Obtain Code on CD

For those that can’t use our Github repository, we will gladly send you the code on a CD for the amount of $5.00 to cover shipping cost.