Release Notes

The full Cinegy Convert package components are:

  • Cinegy Process Coordination Service
    This component provides centralized storage for all types of resources used in your media processing workflow and also acts as a central discovery service.

  • Cinegy Convert Agent Manager
    This component provides actual processing powers for Cinegy Convert. It launches and manages local agents to execute tasks from the Cinegy Process Coordination Service.

  • Cinegy Convert Watch Service
    This component is responsible for looking in configured file system directories and/or Cinegy Archive job drop targets and registering tasks inside the Cinegy Process Coordination Service for Cinegy Convert Agent Manager to pick up.

  • Cinegy Convert Monitor
    This is the primary UI to allow operators to watch what the Cinegy Convert estate is working on as well as create jobs manually.

  • Cinegy Convert Profile Editor
    This utility provides the means for creating and adjusting target profiles that are used in Cinegy Convert for transcoding task processing.

  • Cinegy Convert Client
    This application provides a user-friendly mechanism for the manual submission of convert tasks. It allows the user to browse storages and devices for the media to be processed, review the actual media in the preview player, check item metadata with an option to modify it before importing, and submit the task for processing.

Cinegy Convert 24.2 Release 1

Cinegy Convert Release: 24.2 R1

Cinegy Convert Build:

Cinegy Process Coordination Service Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.5.61914.7021

Release Date: February 28, 2024

Before starting Cinegy Convert v24.2 installation, it is recommended to clean up the history of tasks and uninstall any previous versions of Cinegy Convert components that may be present on your machine.
Cinegy Convert v22.12 and above requires the installation of Cinegy PCS v6 and above, which uses FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic algorithms, previously stored sensitive data (such as user credentials) cannot be reused in Cinegy PCS v5.x. The corresponding data should be updated (re-entered and saved again) using the configurators/editors from Cinegy PCS v6.x; otherwise, it will not be decoded correctly and authentication will not be performed. Please, refer to the article for additional details.
To complete Cinegy Convert and Cinegy PCS installation, an OS reboot is required.
Please note that working with the AVID DNxHD/HR video codec requires an additional purchase of a codec license and installation of a separate plug-in. For details, please contact the Cinegy Sales Team.

New Features and Fixes


  • added warning on saving capability resources if PCS is not running

  • added other minor bugfixes and improvements (defects 16666, 16671, 16685)

  • added validation of the audio type when building a new clip quality (defect 16655)

  • improved behavior of reading the initial timecode from the CineLink source in some specific cases (US 7127)

  • supported random default clip coloring for imported media into Cinegy Archive (US 7454)

  • supported automatic registration of creation and expiration dates of imported media in the Cinegy Archive (US 7444, defect 16653)

  • supported preserving credentials of the Cinegy Convert Agent Manager Service and the Cinegy Convert Watch Service on version update (US 7412)

  • upgraded .NET Framework to 4.8 (US 7347)

  • changed handling of old profiles to improve initial timecode validation for the MXF wrapper (defect 16279)

  • moved DNxHD/HR codec into dedicated installer with separate licensing (defect 16399)

  • fixed issue that caused ingest tasks with BITC to fail for media in NTSC format (defect 16352)

  • fixed differences in the processing of the {} macro under different conditions (defect 16549)

  • fixed race condition issue when Roll does not contain a master clip after successful import to Cinegy Archive (defect 16423)

  • fixed impossibility to add XDS data to the EIA 608-708 files when ingesting (defect 15422)

  • fixed issue when QB tasks are completed successfully, but the media is not registered in the database (defect 16441, tickets MUN-851-10703, NSJ-994-32018)

  • fixed creation of a separate task for each subclip in the Roll when they are referencing to the same media files (defect 16426, ticket NSJ-994-32018)

  • fixed error when opening .AVI media file (defect 16721)

  • fixed first-time installation failure on machines with specific Windows Server OS types (defect 16717)

  • fixed handling of DVCProHD samples via direct transcoding (defect 16809, ticket EZJ-563-86884)

Cinegy Convert Client

  • added "Select all"/"Select none" buttons to the Clip Explorer (US 7426)

  • added the "Remove from Location Explorer" context menu command for Quick access and Network source items (defect 15822)

  • included Production & Program nodes as folder parents in Location Explorer (defect 16590, ticket RQT-447-82362)

  • corrected creation of CineLink file with start Time other than 00:00:00:00 (defect 16730)

  • fixed issue when Quick Access was not available without Local PC enabled (defect 16779, ticket UHT-246-35736)

  • fixed possible application crash caused by changing media sources display settings (defect 16311)

  • fixed issue with retrieving data from CAS in the "Select CAS configuration" window (defect 16586)

  • fixed issue when disabling Network discovery results in Convert Client being unable to navigate to any network resources via UNC path (defect 14462)

  • fixed issue when the Profile details panel does not work correctly after starting Convert Client with default settings (defect 14288)

  • fixed initial timecode not being read from the source (defect 16351)

  • fixed duplication of first frames while encoding to MP4\MPEG2 (defect 16579)

  • fixed application failure on connecting to archive database using SQL server authentication (defect 16607, ticket GGX-939-92591)

  • fixed issue when loading a list of sequences in Clip Explorer takes a long time (defect 16745)

  • fixed issue with the click sound that occurs when switching between clips in the Clips Explorer area (defect 16668, ticket MVH-890-71264)

  • fixed issue when transcode task with 4-channel audio tracks fails (defect 14210)

Cinegy Convert Monitor

  • added minor bugfixes and improvements

Cinegy Convert Watch Service

  • added minor improvements to the "Export media from Archive" settings

  • added GUI enhancements and improvements (US 5024)

  • improved QB profile validation

  • fixed issue when installer did not detect previous installed version during custom upgrade (defect 16431)

Cinegy Convert Profile Editor

  • added validation for BITC initial timecode (defect 16574, ticket MDG-653-77297)

  • added minor improvements to setting dialogs of some profiles

  • extended BITC settings in Export to file/Import into Archive profiles with additional parameters (US 7381)

  • implemented automatic audio type allocation scheme selection for "Cinegy Archive Ingest / Import" profile (US 7343, defect 16550)

  • eliminated possibility to create invalid Ingest Profile without an Archive schema (defect 16736)

  • reworked encoding settings (US 7443)

  • disabled the ability to set different FPS for different qualities in one Roll (US 7040)

  • blocked creation of double rate HD profiles with DV100 codec (defect 16368)

  • fixed issue with support of ingest profiles created in Cinegy Convert v12.2 (defect 16685)

  • fixed failure to load Ingest .template from the file (defect 16737)

Cinegy Convert Agent Manager

  • improved option to select free memory limit in configuration (US 5024)

  • fixed issue with applying log folder location change (defect 16680, ticket GZK-755-43672)

Important Known Issues

  • Publishing new posts to X (formerly Twitter) might not work due to API changes. The issue will be addressed in the next releases.

  • NVIDIA RTX and other Turing-generation GPU boards no longer support interlace H.264 encoding. This applies to all versions of any Cinegy software supporting GPU encoding and is a hardware limitation of the NVIDIA boards. Boards of Pascal and earlier generations are not affected. If using GPU-accelerated NVIDIA features, please be careful to match your settings to the capabilities of your board.

  • During the upgrade custom Cinegy PCS Endpoint settings are not preserved and are reset to defaults. Please, adjust settings after the version upgrade if necessary.