The Cinegy Archive Service connection is required to perform operations with the Cinegy Archive database. Once it has been configured, the connection settings can be saved for further use in all Cinegy Convert components.

By default, the Cinegy Archive Service is not configured and is represented as Not configured.


To launch the CAS Configuration resource edit form, press the Configure_watch_folder_button button in the relevant Cinegy Convert component and choose the "Edit" option:


Alternatively, this dialog can be launched by pressing the Add button in the "Cinegy Archive" tab of the Cinegy Convert Watch Service Configurator:


The icon button next to each field allows you to clear its value by choosing the "Clear" command:


The required parameters are split into sections, which can be collapsed or expanded by pressing the arrow buttons next to the settings section names:


To apply the parameters once they are configured, press "OK".



Specify the following parameters in this section:

  • Name – the CAS connection name to be displayed in the resources list.

  • Description – any text to be used as the resource description.

    This parameter is handy for searching or filtering resources by the description value, for example, in the Cinegy Process Coordination Service.



Define the server and database in the corresponding fields:

  • SQLServer – the SQL server name.

  • Database – the required Cinegy Archive database name.

Log On


Here specify the following data:

  • Domain – the name of the domain you are using.

    By default, Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter uses Integrated Windows Authentication. For some specific scenarios where the Cinegy Archive Service (CAS) and the Cinegy Archive database are part of a cloud-based architecture without an Active Directory domain, then access is authenticated by database user policies. In this case, the "Domain" parameter should be set to . and the SQL user login/password pair must be defined with appropriate permissions.
  • Login – the name under which the connection to Cinegy Archive will be established.

  • Password – the login password.

  • SQL Server authentication – use the checkbox to select whether the SQL Server or Windows authentication will be used for access to the database.


Define the CAS URL address in the corresponding field of this section via the keyboard:


Alternatively, press the Edit_icon button and select the "Discover" command:



Having specified the CAS hostname in the dialog that appears, press the "Discover" button. The section below will list all available Cinegy Archive Service access protocols:


Having selected the desired one, press "OK".

Please mind that the "OK" button will remain locked until one connection point is selected; the red indicator shows a tooltip explaining the reason why settings cannot be applied.

CAS Connection Import/Export

You can use the corresponding command from the icon button menu in the "Cinegy Archive Service" field on top if you wish to save this configuration as a Cinegy PCS resource or an XML file, or import a previously saved configuration:


From now these resources can be used for any specific purposes in the relevant components of your Cinegy Convert structure, being available for all options that support export to and import from the Cinegy PCS.

Having specified all the parameters, press "OK".

The new CAS connection will be added to the list of resources and can be used for further work with Cinegy Archive-integrated tasks.

If the previously configured CAS connection has been saved as a Cinegy PCS resource, it can be selected from the "Select resource" dialog box launched by the "Import from PCS…​" command:

Please mind that the "OK" button will remain locked until one connection resource is selected; the red indicator shows a tooltip explaining the reason why settings cannot be applied.

To load the CAS connection configuration from a previously saved file, select the "Import from file…​" command and select the file from the "Load CAS Configuration" dialog that appears.

Establishing CAS Connection

The current CAS configuration is displayed in the relevant field of the Cinegy Convert component, for example:



Press this button to establish the CAS connection.

If the connection cannot be established, a corresponding message appears explaining the reason for the connection failure. For example:



When connected, press this button to terminate the connection if needed.