This article describes the use of Cinegy Convert Client for manual task creation.


Cinegy Convert Client provides a user-friendly mechanism for manual conversion task submission. To start this application, use the icon on the Windows desktop or launch it from Start > Cinegy > Convert Client.


Setting Up

The first step is to set up a connection to the Cinegy PCS.


Press the "Settings" button on the toolbar to launch the following configuration window:


In the "General" tab, define the following settings:

  • PCS host – specifies the name or IP address of the machine where the Cinegy Process Coordination Service is installed;

  • Heartbeat frequency – time interval for the Cinegy PCS to report it is running properly.

  • PCS services update frequency – time interval for the Cinegy PCS to update information about the internal services used by clients.

Also, here you can check the "Join clips" option to enable the combining of multiple clips into a single file with common metadata during transcoding.

Selecting Media

In the "Path" field of the Location Explorer, manually enter the path to the media storage (video files or virtual clips from Panasonic P2, Canon, or XDCAM devices) or navigate to the desired folder in the tree. The media files contained in this folder will be listed in the Clip Explorer. Select a file to view it and manage its In and Out points in the media player:

Client with files
Optionally, you can define the metadata for the currently selected media file or virtual clip in the Metadata panel.
By holding down the Ctrl key, you can select multiple files / virtual clips at once to include them in a single transcoding task.

Task Creation

The transcoding task properties should be managed in the processing panel:

The number of the currently selected media items is displayed in the "Source(s)" field.

Press the "Browse" button in the "Target" field to choose a transcoding target added to the database in Step 5. The parameters of the selected target profile can be managed in the "Profile Details panel":

Profile details

Press the browse button in the "Task resources" field to select the capability resources created in Step 5.

Optionally, you can edit the task name generated automatically and define the task priority in the corresponding fields.

queue task

Once the task to be processed is configured, press the "Queue task" button to add tasks to the Cinegy PCS queue for processing.

When the task is created, it will be added to the queue of active transcoding tasks in Cinegy Convert Monitor.

Multiple tasks can be processed simultaneously and this is limited by the license available for Cinegy Convert Agent Manager.