There are various ways to control video and audio playback in Cinegy Player Pro.

Playback Control Using Mouse

Play / Stop Button

Play button

The "Play" button starts the playback.

Stop button

When the file is being played, press the "Stop" button, which replaces the "Play" button, to stop the playback.

You can also click anywhere on the screen to pause the clip – the cursor turns into a pause sign:

Paused playback

Navigating through the Material

A ruler below the player screen allows you to navigate to any desired clip position. You can view any frame of the material by dragging the time slider or by clicking any position on the ruler:

Time slider

Setting and Deleting Marks In and Out

In button

Press the "In" button to set a mark In.

Delete In button

To remove a mark In, press the "Delete In" button (inversed In).

Out button

Press the "Out" button to set a mark Out.

Delete Out button

To remove a mark Out, press the "Delete Out" button (inversed Out).

Jumping to Events

You can use the "Jump to Event" buttons to move from event to event. Events are the beginning and the end of a clip, as well as marks In and Out.

Previous Event button

Use the "Previous Event" button to jump to the previous event.

Next Event button

Use the "Next Event" button to jump to the next event.

Shuttling Using the Mouse in the Player

To shuttle through the material with the mouse, horizontally drag the time slider in the frame window of the player. The playback speed and direction depends on the intensity and direction of your drag:

  • drag to the right to play forward;

  • drag to the left to play backward.

You can use the mouse wheel to scroll frames in the video player.

Using the Jog-Shuttle

Jog-shuttle device

Cinegy Player Pro supports any jog-shuttle device, which can emulate the keyboard input. Refer to the documentation of your jog-shuttle device to find out how to configure the shortcuts. To program some special functions, Cinegy Player Pro provides additional "hidden" shortcuts, which can found in the following table:

Shortcut Play backward (speed)

















Playback Control Using the Keyboard

Play / Stop Using the Keyboard

The following keys are used control the playback:

  • to toggle the play / stop mode, hit the Space bar;

  • to loop play from In to Out, hit the 6 key;

  • to go to start, hit the Y key;

  • to go to end, hit the U key;

  • to go to the previous event, hit the A key;

  • to go to the next event, hit the S key;

  • the Q key takes you to mark In;

  • the W key takes you to mark Out.

Shuttling through the Video Material

Cinegy Player Pro allows you to shuttle through the material at different speed.

J-K-L Shuttle

You can shuttle through the material by using the J-K-L keys on the keyboard. Use the following keys to shuttle:

  • hit the L key to move forward through the footage at normal speed;

  • hit the J key to move backward at normal speed;

  • hit the K key to pause the shuttling;

  • hit the L or J key several times to increase the speed according to the following table:

Hit the J or L key To play at speed PAL rate NTSC rate

2 times

2x normal speed

50 fps

54.94 fps

3 times

3x normal speed

75 fps

89.91 fps

4 times

5x normal speed

125 fps

149.85 fps

5 times

8x normal speed

200 fps

339.76 fps

6 times

12x normal speed

300 fps

359.64 fps

7 times

16x normal speed

400 fps

479.52 fps

Home, End, and Arrow Keys

Additionally you can use the following keys on your keyboard to navigate through the entire clip:

  • the Home key takes you to the beginning of the clip;

  • the End key takes you to the end of the clip;

  • the Ctrl+Left Arrow or 3 key moves one frame backward;

  • the Ctrl+Right Arrow or 4 key moves one frame forward;

  • hitting 1 moves 10 frames backward;

  • hitting 2 moves 10 frames forward.

Working with Marks In and Out

You can use the following shortcuts to work on your marks In and Out:

  • the or E keys set up mark In;

  • the O or R keys set up mark Out;

  • the D key sets mark In to start position;

  • the F key sets mark Out to end position;

  • the G key deletes both In and Out marks;

  • the 6 key loop plays from In to Out;

  • the 5 key loop plays a two-second range with the playhead position as its center.

Selecting the Tracks for Playback

Use the track selectors to choose the tracks you want to play. The track selector shows video and audio channels available in the clip.

Cinegy Player track selector

Video track button

Depress the "Video" button to switch off the video track. Only audio is played.

Audio track button

Depress the corresponding "Audio" button(s) to switch off unnecessary audio track(s).

Cinegy Player with audio tracks only

Only audio playback; the viewer shows the waveform of all audio channels

The waveform shows all the enabled channels mixed together.