Cinegy Player PRO installer contains the Cinegy License Manager application serving as a tool for managing serial numbers used by Cinegy Player PRO 2 (and other Cinegy software) when not using hardware licensing dongles. Cinegy License Service is installed as a Windows Service:


LM icon

To open the application, double-click the Cinegy License Manager icon available on your Windows desktop.

Cinegy License Service is only required for using a hardware USB license dongle and can be downloaded separately from the Cinegy portal.

When launched for the first time, the application looks as follows displaying no licenses installed:


Add license

Press the "Add license" button to register a software license on the current machine. The following dialog box appears:

License add

In the dedicated field, enter the license key and press the following button:


The license installation will be started:


Details on the license being installed (product name, license owner, and expiration date, etc.) are displayed during the installation.

The message below will notify that the license has been added successfully:


Once the license is installed, you can go back to the main page of the application to see all active licenses added to your machine:



Press the "Refresh" button to update the license list.

Refreshing your license list is useful when troubleshooting any problems you may face or if you have extended the license.


Press the "Details" button to view the license information:



Press the "Delete" button to remove the license from the machine.

To upgrade Cinegy License Manager to the latest version, press "Download the latest version".