All the existing profiles are listed in tabular form in the "Resources" tab:


Navigation through pages buttons and the total pages number are available on the bottom bar.


The current page is highlighted with an orange circle.


To go directly to the desired page, click the corresponding page number.

first previous next last

Use these buttons to jump to the first, previous, next, or last page correspondingly.

Press Delete_resource_button across a resource to delete it, or Edit_resource_button to edit it.

Cinegy Process Coordination Explorer provides only generic resource editing capabilities. Please use dedicated tools for creating/editing profile content.

Importing Resources

You can use sample profiles installed with Cinegy Convert or create your own profiles via the Cinegy Convert Profile Editor tool.

Press the add_resource_button button to add a resource. The following "Resource edit" dialog appears:



An existing previously created profile can be imported to the Cinegy Process Coordination Explorer resources list by pressing the "Import" button and choosing the desired *.crtb file.

Having selected a profile, choose the profile template from the "Select template" dialog box that appears and press "OK":


All the profile data is loaded into the "Resource edit" dialog.


Press "OK"; the imported profile will be added to the resources list.