Cinegy Player PRO is a standalone tool for viewing popular broadcast files and RTP/UDP/SRT streams in a professional interface. Whether playing files locally or across the network, Cinegy Player PRO performance is beyond anything available on the market so far, which comes as no surprise, as the same underlying technology powers Cinegy video server and video production and workflow solutions.

Cinegy Player PRO implements frame-accurate, high-performance video playback and scrubbing with professional audio VU meters. The player supports embedded timecode with MXF metadata display, and for your convenience it has standard keyboard shortcuts and an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, which makes the use of Cinegy Player PRO easy and familiar.

Cinegy Player PRO started for the first time looks as follows:

Cinegy Player interface

To resize the window, place the mouse pointer to any side or corner and drag-and-drop the arrow to fit the desired size:

Cinegy Player resize

After changing the window size and closing the player, at the next launch of the player its window size is restored from the previous session.

To open full-screen mode or exit it, double-click the top panel of the window. The same actions can be performed by clicking the player sign on the player top panel and choosing the "Restore" command from the menu:

Cinegy Player top panel menu

The player interface consists of 5 parts: