Release Notes

Cinegy Support Tools is a set of tools for collecting technical data about Cinegy installations.

Its primary purpose is to simplify the support procedure and provide customers with an easy way to collect and review different technical parameters of their Cinegy products installation, helping in troubleshooting potential issues that may occur.

The current Cinegy Support Tools package consists of:

A tool that generates reports on the installed Cinegy products, their settings, available log and dump files, etc. The information collected while generating a report can also be automatically uploaded to a dedicated FTP server.

A tool that represents information contained in the report packages in a user-friendly manner. It is designed to be used by system administrators and the Cinegy Support team, although the user may use it to review information being sent to Support to ensure that it is valid and no personal info is collected.

A tool that analyzes the system to discover "no longer needed" files generated by the Cinegy products. It automatically collects different types of files such as dumps, logs, etc. and calculates the space used by them on the machine. These files may be removed from the machine with or without their local backup, according to user settings.

You may also be interested in reading the How to Get the Best out of Cinegy Helpdesk post to get acquainted with the basic Cinegy support procedures and workflow, as well as with recommendations on achieving smooth and efficient support process and cooperation.

For help and support please contact the Cinegy Support Team via the e-mail address.

Cinegy Support Tools 10.5

Cinegy Support Tools Release: 10.5

Cinegy Support Tools Build:

Reporting Tool: 10.5.416.687

Report Viewer: 10.5.416.687

Cleanup Tool:

Cinegy Reporting Tool Release Date: February 21, 2020

Major Improvements

Cinegy Reporting Tool

  • extended the data collection to include the latest Cinegy Products and versions

  • improved Clean Output and RTP/UDP Output data collection for Cinegy Playout

  • supported Shared RAM Output data collection for Cinegy Live

  • improved display of the "Use GPU" data collected for Cinegy Playout

  • added Cinegy Titler Editor data collection

  • improved data collection for all Cinegy Convert components

Cinegy Report Viewer

  • added support for copying data to clipboard

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • The old version of Cinegy Support Tools should be manually uninstalled before the new version deployment.

  • Cinegy PCS logs collection is not currently supported.

  • Cinegy Planner database data collection is not currently supported.

  • Cinegy Multiviewer logs collection may fail in case the custom path is selected.

  • Some RTP Output parameters are not collected correctly.