The Cinegy Cleaup Tool functionality can be extended with the help of standard Microsoft Windows administrative tool - Task Scheduler, which allows to automatically initiate and execute tasks, according to predefined criteria.

Task Scheduler

To launch Task Scheduler tool, navigate to Start > Programs > Windows Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.

The client application will be launched:

Task Scheduler interface

To create a new task navigate to the "Actions" menu on the left and click the "Create Task…​" command:

Task Scheduler create

On the "General" tab of the window that appears, specify the task name and perform the security settings, if required:

Task Scheduler general

On the "Trigger" tab, you can optionally set time-based or event-based criterion, that will start the task execution, and press the "OK" button save changes:

Task Scheduler trigger

Navigate to the "Actions" tab and press the "New" button to create a new action, which will be executed when the scheduled task is run:

Task Scheduler new task

In the "Program/script" text field of the window that appears, enter the program location C:\Program Files (x86)\Cinegy\Cinegy Cleanup Tool <build number>\SupportTool.CleanUp.exe, specify the "Arguments" or "Start in" parameters and press the "OK" button to save the action:

Task Scheduler new action

Alternatively, use browse to open the Cinegy Cleanup Tool program files folder and select SupportTool.CleanUp.exe file:

Open SupportTool.CleanUp.exe

You can also enter the script code with arguments to the "Program/script" text field:

Task Scheduler action

The Task Scheduler tool will automatically separate the arguments from the program/script name. On the confirmation window that appears, press the "Yes" button to proceed:

Task Scheduler confirmation

The created action will be added to the list with parameters displayed in the "Action" and "Details" columns:

Task Scheduler created

Press delete_button to delete the task and edit_button to view details and change the action parameters of the created task:

Task Scheduler edit

Having specified all the necessary action parameters, press the "OK" button to save changes and the created task will be displayed in the Task Scheduler Library list:

Cleanup task

The tables below contain a detailed description of each action and the settings, required for scheduling Cleanup tasks.

Obligatory actions:

Name Program/script Argument

Run Cinegy Cleanup Tool


<script file>

Obligatory and optional arguments:

Argument Description

Obligatory arguments


Start program in batch silent mode for cleanup


Start program in special simulation mode when the archive of files is created without actual files deletion (for testing purposes only)

Optional arguments, followed after the first obligatory argument in sequential order:


Delete file(s) and move to Recycle Bin


Delete files older than NN days, where "NN" stands for number of days
Example: -6 , -360


Delete files that were created/modified before DD:MM:YYY date
Example: -31:10:2020


Archive files to the selected folder before deleting
Example: -archive=D:\CleanupArchieves


Archive files in 7z format, where "XXX" stands for compression type: "Ultra", "High", "Normal", "Fast", "Low", "Store". The default compression type is "Ultra".
Example: -7zcomplev=High


Switch program to ZIP format


Decrease the high disk usage and CPU ring compression. The "NN" stands for pause duration in ms between compression and is used only for "-7zcomplev" arguments
Example: -idletime="5000"

The arguments without "-" in the first position are treated as Product names to clean up.


SupportTool.CleanUp.exe -clean Full cleanup for all Cinegy Products

SupportTool.CleanUp.exe -clean -6 Cleanup files older than 6 days for all Cinegy Products

SupportTool.CleanUp.exe -clean -sim -31:10:2020 -archive=D:\TMPDUMP\CleanUpArc "Cinegy Capture Engine" "Cinegy Playout" Archive all Cinegy Capture Engine, Cinegy Playout generated files created before 31.10.2020 to D:\TMPDUMP\CleanUpArc with simulation mode (without actual file deletion) enabled.