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Productivity Tools

Cinegy includes various tools to improve the workflow and productivity.

You can connect to a Cinegy Archive database, change the video settings, use messenger for better collaboration, check your system log or use the navigator for file or internet browsing.


Cinegy software provides customers with a complete production environment, capable of managing content of the highest quality from broadcast, HD or film productions while improving speed and efficiency in all aspects of the production process.

Amino DHCP Configuration for Windows DHCP Servers

Amino set top boxes [STB] are a favourite little unit, found in many Cinegy offices and customer sites around the world. They are a great balance between price and features, and for those times when you just need a quick converter box between IP and HDMI they are perfect. However, to get the most out of them, you really need an easy way to manage a fleet of such boxes – and commanding them via DHCP options is the best way to do this! Follow this simple guide, and you too can shortly have your own small army of STBs doing your bidding…​

Remote License Dongles

There is a capability available in all up-to-date shipping Cinegy software that allows you to retrieve its activation token from a dongle that is physically present on different machine running the Cinegy License Service.

Cinegy System

Cinegy software provides different components such as servers and clients. Depending on which tasks have been delegated to each component, the system recommendations will vary.

This article provides an overview of the principal system components needed and their corresponding recommendations.