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Major Changes in Cinegy Air 21.2

Introduction Welcome to the long read version of the “TL:DR” section of the Cinegy Air 21.2 What’s New post. In this follow-up post we will provide details on major changes which arrived with version 21.2 of Cinegy Air. All Things SRT (Feedback Streams, Encryption, Library Updates) I am sure a lot of you already benefit from using SRT technology in your workflows to get secure streams delivered in pristine quality with low latency.

Cinegy Air 21.2 - What’s New

Introduction A lot has happened in the last year, but through it all work has carried on at Cinegy and so it is time to write another post detailing the changes we have made to our flagship video playout & automation platform – Cinegy Air. We’ve spent all summer polishing the release and have a number of top-tier customers broadcasting already with pre-release versions, so once again I am feeling very confident in recommending that this even the most cautious customers start their evaluation and rollout immediately.

Using Cinegy Software Concept

Cinegy clients often wonder how to build an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure to meet their broadcasting needs. As a rule, it is a task for system integrators, but we made an attempt to describe a basic concept of using the Cinegy software on the same machine.

What's New in Cinegy Multiviewer 15

I bet many of you have seen that we have released our new and shiny 8K capable Cinegy Multiviewer 15. This release was much anticipated and some of you are already enjoying the new features of Multiviewer 15 you’ve been waiting for in production. It goes without saying that the new Multiviewer has a great many bugfixes, performance optimizations and compatibility enhancements to run reliably on the latest Microsoft operating systems, as well as embracing the latest and greatest technologies and protocols widely used in the industry.

How to Get the Best out of Cinegy Helpdesk

The basic Cinegy support procedures and workflow are described in this post. Recommendations on achieving smooth and efficient support process and cooperation are provided throughout.

Automated Dynamic Graphics Using External Datasource with Cinegy Air / Playout

Introduction A frequent requirement of customers is to use dynamic elements inside on-screen graphics. At Cinegy, we use the Cinegy Titler engine to render real-time graphics elements for compositing into the output from the Cinegy Playout engine. This engine has a lot of powerful features - as well as being a real-time optimized graphics system, it also supports binding of elements within a graphics scene to imported variables. Customers can update variables within the Cinegy Air or Cinegy CG operator panels, allowing injection and updating of elements on-the-fly - for example, to caption the name of a person appearing on-screen, or to provide some values for a weather forecast graphic.

What's New in Cinegy Convert 12

Cinegy is happy to present the next major release of Cinegy Convert family - Cinegy Convert v12. It inherits key technology of Cinegy Convert v11 while proposing a bundle of new useful features and more important fixes and improvements. What’s New in Cinegy Convert v12 The advantages of new features and functions can be appreciated in the following areas of Cinegy Convert v12: 8K formats support for both input and output

What's New in Cinegy Capture 14

Cinegy Capture v14 is the next major release of the Cinegy Capture family, featuring a bundle of new useful features as well as important fixes and enhancements. Don’t just take our word for it - Cinegy Capture v14 was honored with a Best of Show award at IBC2019. What’s New in Cinegy Capture v14 Version 14 builds on the 10 year history of Cinegy Capture, adding some new features that we would like to draw your attention toward.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Virtualization

This post is a slightly amended version of the presentation that we gave at the Studiotech Poland IT day in Warsaw on 30th May. The intention of this post is to provide some general information about virtualization, learn about our experiences with the cloud technologies involved.

In a dynamically growing business environment, many broadcasting companies face a number of challenges. Virtualization helps to optimize business processes for a lot of companies, whose management prefer to exercise more control over the situation and business development. Even small businesses can use virtualization to lower transaction costs and increase application availability.

Cinegy Air 14 - What’s New

Introduction Cinegy Air 14 has been released and is ready for evaluation, go-live testing and production use! We’ve added a fantastic number of enhancements since v12, and I am happy to recommend that people start using this version of the product – although, of course, mission critical workloads should follow suitable deployment plans in case of any problems. I’m proud of the team that has worked so hard on version 14, and I can honestly say this release has again set a new bar in quality and stability for a ‘point zero’ version.