At TechCon 2017, as a part of the general overview of what is coming up, we announced our intentions to improve the experience of customers using our software and particularly managing their licenses. Coming in 2017, we’re going to provide a customer portal for easy review of licenses that they have an entitlement to, and to automate the management and updating of Cinegy License dongles.


A critical part of this rollout will involve customers being grouped into "organizations" which they belong to. As an owner of an organization, a customer would then be responsible for accepting (or removing) other people into that organization, and providing appropriate permissions for that user in the group.


Once we have organizations established, we will be working with customers to make sure they have an accurate representation of all their licenses recorded in our system. This will become the master record of our software – so we will work with people to get this right! As we develop this out, we will allow customers to view the SLA status of individual products, as well as allow them to move around licenses between dongles and to apply version updates to dongles where they have a valid SLA.

Highly Available

We also understand that this will become a critical aspect of our business to provide customers with this platform – and for this reason, we’ve decided to develop this system using the latest "serverless" architectures available using AWS Lambda coupled with the AWS DynamoDB data store for keeping records. Since security is, of course, incredibly important, we’re also making sure that everything is accessed via HTTPS and supports the latest identity management technologies – we even intend to support this allowing people to sign in with Amazon or Gmail accounts to identify themselves to their organization owner, should they wish!

So, please watch out in the first half of 2017 for this platform being launched, and get ready to enjoy a slicker, smoother management portal for your Cinegy Licenses – and, of course, this portal will become the on-ramp to our nascent Cinegy-as-a-Service platform!