Quick Start Guide

Standalone mode

Cinegy Capture reinvents the acquisition and encoding process, unifying the task of ingesting and generating edit and web proxies simultaneously in most modern industrial formats and containers from established MOV files through to such new standards as MXF AS-11 and many more between. The ability to apply various combinations of codecs and wrappers provides full control over the resulting media and guarantees the solution to any challenges that broadcast professionals may face. A state-of-the-art software codec Cinegy Daniel2 - the fastest and lightest codec in the world at the moment - was specially designed for fast multi-threaded parallel processing on CPU and GPU.

Operators can use as a centralized service the powerful remote Cinegy Capture Control client application or web interface – whenever or wherever they need it. The effect of using such software is good, stable, and gives the product a good reputation.

Just take a standard PC, install Cinegy Capture, and start experiencing the benefits of cost-effective, centralized ingest controlled by anyone permitted.

Cinegy offers the opportunity to try most of its products before making a purchase decision. Visit the official Cinegy website to download a trial version of Cinegy Capture, which you can evaluate free of charge.
Please refer to the latest product Release Notes and System Recommendations documents for hardware and software requirements and prerequisites.

The Cinegy Capture bundle comprises the following components:

Cinegy Capture Manager which is installed with the Cinegy Capture server and is responsible for performing the core functions of recording, encoding, as well as controlling and reacting to devices; it performs all the stages of the Cinegy Capture engines management.

Cinegy Capture Control connects to the Cinegy Capture engine(s). Each Capture engine is responsible for receiving streamed data and its encoding.

Cinegy Capture Planner is responsible for automated job processing according to the schedule. It can work with multiple servers simultaneously. Use of this component is optional and is not covered by this document.

Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter allows the user to integrate Cinegy Capture with Cinegy Archive for direct ingest into centralized asset management systems. Use of this component is topical for archive mode and is not covered by this document.

You can also use a scalable Cinegy Capture Web Control panel that provides remote control of capturing via a web-hosted application from a standard PC or a mobile gadget running on any operating system.

This quick guide takes you through the steps to get your Cinegy Capture software up and running: