On the "Windows service" tab, the default Windows service parameters are displayed or can be changed according to your needs, if necessary:



The service display name and description are automatically filled in by the system.

The current service status is indicated with color buttons, the following statuses are available:

Color indication Service status


Service is not installed.


Service is not started.


Service start is pending.


Service is running.


If the service is not installed, the corresponding status will be displayed and the "Install" button will be active:



Press the "Install" button in the "Installation" field to install service.

If you lack user rights to perform the installation, the following message appears:


Press the "Allow" button to proceed with the installation.


Once the service is installed, it should be started manually by pressing the "Start" button in the "State" field.

In case of failure to start the service, an error message with the reason of failure and a link to the log file appears:


Click the link to open the log and view the details of failure.

The service can be uninstalled, stopped or restarted by pressing the corresponding buttons:


For your convenience, the information is duplicated in the configurator tab; it can also be monitored as a standard Windows service:



The following Windows service settings are available:

  • Log on as – use the drop-down list to define the service login mode:

    This option should be selected depending on the user’s permissions assigned locally by the system administrator.
    • Local system – select this option to use the system account of your local machine. Otherwise, use the "User" option to enter an SQL server username and password.

    • User – if the "User" option selected, the required field is highlighted with a red frame; press the expand_settings_button button to expand the "Log on as" settings and enter the username and password in the corresponding fields:

    Please mind that the Windows service settings cannot be saved until all required fields are filled in; the red indicator shows a tooltip explaining the reason why settings cannot be applied.
  • Start mode – use the drop-down list to define the service start mode:

    It is recommended to use the "Automatic (Delayed)" service start mode, which enables automatic service start immediately after all the main system services have been started.

Having entered the user data, press the "Apply" button to save changes and "Start"/"Restart" button to run the Cinegy Archive Service.

Please note that an additional restart of the Cinegy Archive Service is required for the changes to take effect.

If the user whose ID you entered does not have enough rights to connect to the defined SQL server or login failed, the Service status will be changed to "Stopped" and the following error message appears:


If the data entered is correct, the Service status will be "Running".