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Cinegy Air 24.1 and Cinegy Title 24.1 – What's New

Introduction Hello and welcome to the latest releases of Cinegy Air v24.1 and Cinegy Title v24.1. It has been a year since the major release of Cinegy Air bundle; therefore, Cinegy Air 24.1 and Cinegy Title 24.1 bring together the accumulated improvements and features as a result of continual development and enhancements that make Cinegy Air increasingly attractive to large and small Broadcasters around the Globe. You will notice that the features are mainly driven by customer requests and required improvements.

Cinegy Air 22.12 and Cinegy Title 22.12 – What's New

Introduction Hello and welcome to the latest releases of Cinegy Air v22.12 and Cinegy Title v22.12. My name is Simon Pilbeam and I shall be taking over product manager duties for the Cinegy Air product from Lewis' capable hands. This is my first fully responsible release as the new Product Manager of Cinegy Air (I collaborated on the last Cinegy Air release) and it has been a steep learning curve.

Cinegy Air 21.9 - What's New

Introduction At the start of the year we released Cinegy Air 21.2, and now, as we near the close of the year, we add to that release with Cinegy Air 21.9. This marks the first major release since the adoption of the new year/month version numbering scheme – and as you can see from the slight misalignment, we are still getting used to what number to target as we cycle through a few release candidates.

Hacking Cinegy ‒ Cinegy Convert

This post provides insights on the new features available in Cinegy Convert v11. With powerful pre- and post-scripting events it is possible to extend your workflow way further the out-of-the-box functionality, for example, automatically publish videos on Facebook on user’s behalf. Source codes are also available for the reference.

Hacking Cinegy ‒ Cinegy Air

This post provides details on the new Cinegy Playout WEB API available starting from the v11 release. The post explains basic features available and demonstrates the possible results visualization with simple HTML/CSS/Java script. Source codes are also available for the reference.

Cinegy Air ‒ Using Engine REST APIs

Starting from the release of Cinegy Air 11, there are some enhanced REST API calls accessible via the playout engine, which allow us to make some interesting interfaces to extend Cinegy Air. While this does not allow complete control of the playlist (for this you will need to wait for Cinegy Air 12, or access the engine via the traditional COM API), it does allow some common activities to be controlled ‒ which can be used to make some useful remote panels.