Quick Start Guide

This quick guide takes you through the steps to get your Cinegy Multiviewer software up and running. This is a software analog of physical multi-channel video monitors. It is designed to display multiple SD, HD, and Ultra HD sources in adjustable for size, position and resolution windows, on a single display or multiple displays, allowing you to monitor as many channels as you need.

Cinegy Multiviewer is very easy to manage due to its fully customizable interface where each channel input representation is equipped with a set of preview components and indicators. This software works using ordinary Ethernet and does not need any special hardware to run – a standard PC or workstation will do.

There are four stages:


  • Make sure the machine you are using has the required Microsoft Windows operating system installed along with the recommended service packs. Details for system recommendations are available here.

  • Download the latest Cinegy Multiviewer installation package. Copy the installers to a shared location in your network so that all client machines can access the package for convenient installation.

You must have local administrator rights to install Cinegy Multiviewer.