Release Notes

Cinegy Archive 14

Cinegy Archive Release:

Cinegy Archive Service 64-bit Version: 14

Cinegy Archive Manager:

Cinegy Database Wizard:

Cinegy Archive Transfer:

Release Date: May 31, 2019

This version supports Cinegy Archive v11 and v14 databases.
Before you start the installation, it is recommended to uninstall any previous versions of Cinegy Archive components that you may have on your machine.
Never use the same network share for different media groups. If you upgrading Cinegy database to version 14 via Cinegy Database Wizard, the media shares assigned to several media groups will cause application error and prevent other applications like Cinegy Capture from saving recordings to the database. It is recommended to check network shares assigned to media groups before upgrading the database.
It is strongly recommended that you never use any 3d party tools to modify Cinegy Archive database. Any damage caused by such actions is not covered by official support policy. For database modifications it is recommended to use only Cinegy-provided tools or Cinegy-provided APIs.
Please note that before Cinegy Archive version 14 installation it is required to manually uninstall Cinegy License Service installed with Cinegy Archive version 11.

For help and support please contact the Cinegy Support Team.

Major Improvements

  • performance improvements for Cinegy Archive v14 databases

  • support for Cinegy Desktop v14

  • support for Cinegy Titler v14