Cinegy Archive Transfer includes the logging option that allows you to monitor all performed actions of export and import, track the warnings and error messages.

Press the "View Log" button to open the log panel. You can view a log file any time while working with Cinegy Archive Transfer regardless of the action you are performing:


To switch back to the Cinegy Archive Transfer utility and proceed with operations on export / import, press "Back".

Error Logging

In case of an error, an exclamation mark appears next to the "View Log" button to inform you about it:


Warning messages are displayed in purple color; error messages are shown in red; all the other information is given in black:


Log Saving

The log can be saved as a *.txt file by pressing the "Save as …​" button. The system automatically generates a folder where the log text files are stored. Use this folder or define a different location, enter the file name, and press "Save". The saved text document looks as follows:


Log Deletion

To delete a log, press the "Clear" button.

Be careful before pressing this button: once you press it, all the logged information will be lost; this action does not require any confirmation.

Logging will start from the next action you perform.