In order to start working with Cinegy Archive Service, run the Cinegy Archive Service Configurator application:


Double-click the Cinegy Archive Service Configurator icon located on your Windows desktop.

Alternatively, go to Start > All Programs > Cinegy > Cinegy Archive Service > Cinegy Archive Service Configurator.

The following Cinegy Archive Service Configurator window appears:


Cinegy Archive Service Configurator consists of the following tabs:

Cinegy License Service

Cinegy Licensing Service is a dedicated service that deals with the dongle interaction and provides access to the information stored inside the hardware dongle.

Cinegy License Service installation is required prior to the Cinegy Archive Service installation.

To install Cinegy License Service, run the "Setup.exe" file from the "Cinegy License Service" folder; follow the instructions given on each installation step.

After the installation is complete, Cinegy License Service is installed as a Windows Service.

License Service