Cinegy Capture Control is very easy to manage due to its fully customizable interface where all panels are scalable and most of them are collapsible.

Servers/Templates Panel Customizing

The Servers / Templates panel comprises two tabs by default: "Servers" and "Templates". There are 2 ways to separate this panel into two individual ones:

  • via drag-and-drop;

  • via making the panel undockable.


Click the tab title at the bottom of the panel and drag-and-drop it to the desired position:



The Servers / Templates panel is docked by default. Right-click the panel caption and select the "Floating" context menu command:


The panel becomes floating and can be dragged to the desired position.


Select the "Dockable" command from its context menu to dock a floating panel. Then click the title bar of the panel and drag until you see the visual hints (see the screenshot). When the desired position of the dragged panel is reached, move the pointer over the corresponding portion of the hint. The destination area will be shaded. To dock the panel to the indicated position, release the mouse button.


Docking to the left window edge

Auto Hide

The dockable panel can either be pinned to be always shown on the screen or automatically hidden and reappear when hovering the mouse pointer over the tab:


The "Servers" panel is pinned and the "Templates" panel is hidden

The panels are pinned by default, indicated by the Pin icon on the panel caption bar. To auto-hide the panel, click this icon or choose the "Auto hide" context menu command:


Resizing Panels

The width can be adjusted by positioning the mouse pointer on the grid line and dragging the sizing tool to the left or the right:


The minimum width of the rightmost panel is fixed to fit all control elements.

You can also use the vertical scrollbar to display the information that does not fit the panel height:


Collapsing Panels

Most of the Cinegy Capture Control panels are collapsible.


Press this button on the panel caption bar to toggle a panel to compact view:


Compact view of the Cinegy Archive panel

In the compact view, only the most important information and main controls are displayed.


Press this button on the panel caption to toggle a panel to a detailed view:


Detailed view of the Cinegy Archive panel

The detailed view shows the complete set of controls and comprehensive data.

Hiding/Showing the Panels

Some panels can be hidden to adjust the interface layout according to your needs. Select the relevant toolbar button to hide/show the corresponding panel.

Refer to the Toolbar article to learn how to show/hide panels.

Scale Rule


The scale rule is a zoom slider that changes interface scaling from 80% to 200%. Drag the slider to change the scale or simply click the ruler on the right or on the left from the slider to step the interface scale up and down accordingly.