The Preview area of Cinegy Capture Control consists of two parts: a large preview of the selected channel (which may be optionally hidden) and several engine previews, which always show the real-time feedback preview from the engines after the corresponding Capture Service is selected on the engines panel:


Audio VU Meter

To display the VU meters over your preview, right-click anywhere within the preview window and select the "Show audiometers" option:


The VU meters are intended to help a user maintain consistent audio volume levels. Each indicator controls a definite audio channel. The VU meter(s) are shown on the right of your preview window. The number of audio indicators displayed in the preview window depends on the number of available input audio channels configured via the Capture Engine Configuration wizard.

The scale has the following color scheme for the instant level display (the values in the given scale are defined by a user):

  • Green – below 0 dB

  • Yellow – 0 to 4 dB

  • Red – above 4 dB

The zero level of the VU meter is adjustable to the requirements of your organization. Use the Capture Engine Configuration wizard to set up the zero dB level.

Refer to the Audio Settings paragraph to learn how to define the zero level of the VU meter.


Use the speaker buttons at the bottom of the scale to mute the corresponding audio channel.

VANC Data Display

The embedded VANC (Vertical Ancillary Data Space) data can be displayed on the preview panel. To enable this feature, right-click anywhere within the preview window and select the "Show VANC" option. The additional panel will be displayed at the bottom of the window showing the available VANC data:


The following VANC information is available in Cinegy Capture Control:

  • CC (Closed Captions) – indicates if closed captions are present in the current media file.

  • AFD (Active Format Description) – displays the active picture’s aspect ratio.

  • PR (Parental Rating) – displays the TV parental guidelines rating of the current media content.

To hide the VANC data panel, deselect the "Show VANC" option in the context menu.

To use the embedded VANC data stream feature by the certain Cinegy Capture engine service, enable the VANC data format for this engine via the Cinegy Capture Manager. Refer to the Metadata Processing paragraph to learn how to enable VANC data.

Previewing in Full-Screen Mode

To switch your preview to full-screen mode, double-click anywhere within the preview window or use the F12 key:


The audio level meters, located on the right of the preview window, show the corresponding audio levels.

At the bottom of the window, you will find the set of controls, identical to the ones located on the capture panel, used for your capture source navigation, capture session management, and timecode analysis:

Refer to the Capture Panel article to learn how to use the capture controls.

Hit the F12 key or Esc to leave full-screen mode.