Cinegy Capture Web Control displays all running Capture engines. The engine caption displays the engine name, status, and preview mode toggle button.

Refer to the Preview Mode paragraph for details on preview mode switching.

The Cinegy Capture Web Control panel view can be changed using the layout selector allowing to switch between different panel layouts.

The compacted layout represents the preview window on the left. The active engine template name and the field to define the file name pattern are displayed on the right. Capture engine controls are located below.


The extended layout provides the possibility to define the file name pattern, as well as the clip name and the tape name:

Refer to the General Settings paragraph in the Cinegy Capture Control Manual for additional information on macros to be used to apply naming automation.

The advanced layout additionally makes it possible to use In-Out timecode editors to capture a defined segment of video:

Refer to the Mark In and Mark Out paragraph in the Cinegy Capture Control Manual for the details on operating these controls.

Controlling Engines


The active engine template to be used for your recording can be chosen from the drop-down list of the available templates:

Refer to the Templates Panel paragraph in the Cinegy Capture Control Manual to learn about the creation and management of templates.

Time Control

The time monitoring window displays the current engine timecode:


In recording mode, the total duration of the current recording is displayed in the engine caption as follows:


Capture Controls

The following controls are used for Capture engine recording management:



Use the "REC" button to start recording from Cinegy Capture Web Control; you can monitor this process in real time.


Press the "SPLIT" button during the capture session to force new Roll/file creation starting from the current position.


Press the "STOP" button to stop the running capture session.

The same actions are available from Cinegy Capture Control in parallel, i.e., a recording session started from Cinegy Capture Web Control can be stopped from Cinegy Capture Control and vice versa. Refer to the Capture Controls paragraph in the Cinegy Capture Control Manual for more information on capture session control.