To launch Cinegy Capture Manager, double-click its desktop icon or go to Start > Cinegy > Cinegy Capture Manager.

Each time you start Cinegy Capture Manager, the following dialog box appears, prompting you to choose whether to connect to a local host or select a remote server:

First launch
The "Secure connection" option requires additional configuration on the server side using reverse proxy solutions such as Traefik. Please contact the Cinegy Support Team for assistance in setting up a secure workflow.

The Cinegy Capture Manager configuration procedure begins with creating a new database. When no database is found, there appears an error message:


The database settings are set in the "Database" tab:



Press the "Create new DB" button to create a new database.

Please be aware that the new database creation may cause data loss in the existing database. To save the database data, it is recommended to perform a backup of the existing database before creating a new one.

The "Database" tab tracks the database information allowing a user to control database compatibility with the installed Cinegy Capture version and perform the database clean-up.

Database created

If the database exists but its current version is not compatible with the current Cinegy Capture version, the system will suggest upgrading the database:



Press this button to update the database. You will be notified once the database is upgraded.

The "Database" window is split into two main sections: "Database information" and "Database clean-up":


Database Information

The following database information is displayed here:

  • Status – the actual database status and its compatibility with the current Cinegy Capture version.

  • Path – the database location path.

  • Size – the database size.

  • Version – the current database version.


Press the "Backup" button to back up your existing database. You will be informed about the successful or unsuccessful completion of the database backup with the corresponding notification message.


Press the "Open 'Backups' folder" button to open the folder where backup files are stored.

Database Clean-up

Unnecessary database data can be deleted either manually or automatically via scheduled clean-up.

Manual Clean-up

Manual Clean-up

The following options are available for manual database data clean-up:

  • Executed planned tasks older <N> days – executed tasks planned in Cinegy Capture Planner or via the Scheduler Panel can be removed from the database. Select the "Executed planned tasks older <N> days" option and define the number of days using the up/down arrow buttons or entering the desired value via the keyboard. Tasks older than the defined number of days will be deleted from the database.

  • Outdated engine configs – select this option to clear the deleted or reconfigured engine configuration data which is no longer actual.

  • Output shares cache – select this option to remove database data associated with the invalid output.

  • Actual Archive Adapter settings – select this option to substitute the database entry with actual Archive Adapter settings. This is useful when Archive Adapter settings are locked for some reason and need to be reset.

Having selected the needed options, press the "Clean up" button to clean up the database. You will be asked to confirm your decision to start the clean-up procedure.

Scheduled Clean-up

Scheduled Clean-up Edit


Press the "Edit" button to configure the scheduled database clean-up:

Scheduled Clean-up

Checking the "Automatically delete planned tasks after 15 days" option will schedule the deletion of planned tasks older than 15 days. The number of days can be changed using the up/down arrow buttons or entering the value via the keyboard.

Having specified the desired parameters, press "Save" to continue or "Cancel" to exit the configuration form.