This panel displays the main Cinegy Archive connection information:

  • Database – the currently connected SQL server and Cinegy Archive database.

  • Archive connection – the Cinegy Archive connection status.

  • Target folder – the path to the target folder within your Cinegy Archive database in which the target Roll(s) will be created. Press the "…​" button and browse for the required folder in the explorer tree:

  • Synchronization status – the synchronization status of Cinegy Archive Adapter with Cinegy Archive. The status can be "Unknown", "Pending", "Processing", or "Failed".

    NOTE:The synchronization indicator is green when the service is online but blinks red when the connection is lost.

At the bottom of the Cinegy Archive panel you will find a table displaying the information regarding the connection to the Cinegy Archive Service and other log information:


Warning and error logs are displayed respectively in orange and red, providing details on detected problems.