Release Notes

Cinegy Workspace empowers media production teams to collaborate on projects wherever they are – in the office, at home or on the road. Cinegy Workspace provides secure access to your Cinegy Archive database from anywhere at any time. All that is required is a standard computer or laptop, and a regular internet connection. Using the Cinegy Workspace browser-based interface, clips can be searched, browsed, selected and even subclipped. Users can participate in a collaborative workflow even when they are based in different locations.

In contrast to previous versions Cinegy Workspace 21 does not require any browser plugins, it is a pure JavaScript and HTML5 based client.

The recommended browsers for running Cinegy Workspace are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, however it should also work in most available web browsers.

Please note that this application is web-based and will be constantly updated. Do not forget to regularly check for new features appearing.

Cinegy Workspace 21 dependencies:

  • Cinegy MAMS
    This new REST based service represents the Cinegy Archive API. As of this writing it requires a running instance of the Cinegy Archive Service. The Cinegy MAMS can be also used by third party vendors to connect to and work with Cinegy Archive.

  • Cinegy Image Service
    This service - formerly known as Cinegy Media Services - is used for thumbnail generation.

Cinegy Workspace 21

Cinegy Workspace Release: 21

Cinegy Workspace Build:

Cinegy Archive Database: 14, 15

Cinegy Archive Service: 15.2

Cinegy MAMS Build:

Cinegy Image Service Build:

Release Date: February 11, 2021

For proper software performance, certain Microsoft operating system hotfixes installation may be required.

New Features

  • US6773 Workspace: Resizable panels are supported

  • US6657 Workspace: Job-drop-folders are supported for Cinegy Convert job submission

  • US6708 Workspace: Angular / packages are updated

  • US6760 Workspace: Subclips are saved directly to a Bin from a Roll/or user Bin

  • US6761 Workspace: Subclip enumeration is supported

  • US6824 Workspace: Industry-standard shortcuts are implemented

  • US6683 MAMs: Advanced search to REST service is added

  • US6774 MAMS: Method to enumerate media groups in MAMs is created

  • US6766 MAMS: Simple, static file hosting (hosting config.json) is supported

Defects Fixed Since Beta

  • DF13796 Workspace: Error appears when trying to open DocBin

  • DF13795 Workspace: News Program is opened with the error

  • DF13755 Workspace: If no file upload locations exist, do not show the file upload tab

  • DF13747 Workspace: Removing junk CIS config sections causes login fail

  • DF13746 Workspace: Drop folder grid view should show newest first

  • DF13744 Workspace: "JDF" should be renamed to "Drop Folder"

  • DF13743 Workspace: Missing ">" symbol in navigation tree

  • DF13620 Workspace: Created DocBin isn’t displayed in the explorer tree

  • DF13619 Workspace: Creating a ClipBin causes two new ClipBins to display in the tree

  • DF13598 Workspace: New "Day" is shown in the context menu for a folder

  • DF13590 Workspace: There are no icons near option in the context menu

  • DF13931 Workspace: Added number isn’t displayed at sub-clip name after its creation in Roll. The refresh is required.

  • DF13595 Workspace: Sub-clip is created with wrong timecode