Release Notes

The full Cinegy Convert package components are:

  • Cinegy Process Coordination Service
    This component provides centralized storage for all resources types used in your media processing workflow and also acts as a central discovery service.

  • Cinegy Convert Agent Manager
    This component provides actual processing powers for Cinegy Convert. It launches and manages local agents to execute tasks from the Cinegy Process Coordination Service.

  • Cinegy Convert Watch Service
    This component is responsible for looking in configured file system directories and/or Cinegy Archive job drop targets and registering tasks inside the Cinegy Process Coordination Service for Cinegy Convert Agent Manager to pick up.

  • Cinegy Convert Monitor
    This is the primary UI to allow operators to watch what the Cinegy Convert estate is working on, as well as create jobs manually.

  • Cinegy Convert Profile Editor
    This utility provides the means for creating and adjusting target profiles that are used in Cinegy Convert for transcoding tasks processing.

  • Cinegy Convert Client
    This application provides a user-friendly mechanism for manual convert tasks submission. It allows the user to browse storages and devices for the media to be processed, review the actual media in the preview player, check item metadata with an option to modify it prior to importing and submit the task for processing.

Cinegy Convert 22.12 Release Candidate

Cinegy Convert Release: 22.12 RC

Cinegy Convert Build:

Cinegy Process Coordination Service Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.5.55484.1215

Release Date: December 21, 2022

Prior to starting Cinegy Convert v22.12 installation, it is recommended to clean up the tasks history and uninstall any previous versions of Cinegy Convert components that may be present on your machine.
To complete Cinegy Convert and Cinegy PCS installation, the OS reboot is required.
System memory and resources leak when creating and closing threads with NVIDIA graphics is detected in drivers version R525. The issue was reported to NVIDIA support (NVIDIA Incident Report 4027304) and is fixed in version R535 U1. We recommend using R535 NVIDIA graphics drivers to fix the system memory and resources leak. Please verify the resources usage after drivers upgrades.

New Features

  • Cinegy Agent Manager is moved to Windows Service mode (USs 6801, 6802, 6357)

  • implemented a separate configurator for Cinegy Convert Agent Manager settings (US 6801)

  • added support for CUDA 11 (US 7216)

  • added support of source initialization script for file transcoding task to ingest multiple sources/segmented media to be glued together, skipping non-relevant sections in the media file (US 7227)

  • extended source initialization script provider with additional CineLink generating methods that list separately each track for the specified source file (US 6302)

  • implemented automatic dump files generation

  • implemented use of network source

New Fixes


  • improved source initialization script provider which creates Cinelink files with timeline XML (defect 15817)

  • improved MPEG-TS stream reading procedure to skip CA flags validation (US 7189)

  • fixed issue with installation and operation of the Cinegy License Service (US 7178)

  • fixed issue with handling clip aspect and effect Mask parameters in CineLink files in some specific cases (defect 15702)

  • fixed crash on parsing SMPTE RDD-18 acquisition metadata when the set is split between ANC packages (defect 15709)

  • fixed failure caused by issue with Archive Quality Building tasks processing of specific files (defect 15733)

  • fixed decoding of some specific MP4 files (defect 15742, ticket LZF-840-82752)

  • fixed issue with importing short subtitles (ticket PWZ-924-22052)

  • fixed issue with SMPTE 436 Data Encoder only supporting ANC 8-bit and ANC 10-bit options (defect 15312)

Cinegy Convert Client

  • extended log file with messages about application start/stop (US 7259)

  • improved Media Player performance

  • implemented saving and applying custom GUI layouts and resetting Convert Client GUI to default placement and size (US 6862)

  • improved local PC path navigation

  • applied use of the same collection for root-item’s children in Repository panel and Clip Explorer

  • updated repository explorer collection with comparing

  • improved performance on storing changes on focus leave in Profile details panel

  • added "Navigate to path is not allowed!" card when no source was selected

  • added automatic dump creation by the following path: %ProgramData%\Cinegy\Cinegy Convert\x.x.x.x\Dumps

  • added condition for PCSProvider SettingsChanged event

  • added errors into tooltip in device’s Clips Explorer

  • added filtering "last year logon" machines on Network load

  • corrected "The task …​ has been added to the queue!" dialog showing cases

  • excluded frequently used files from Quick Access (only folders are allowed)

  • excluded lock on Player’s source changed

  • denied creating clip item for Professional Disc Edit Description Language (PD-EDL) MediaPro.xml nodes

  • fixed issue with import of MXF files with non-zero source timecode (defects 15787, 15793, ticket ABE-515-45806)

  • fixed error when processing media with specified In and Out points (defect 15404)

  • fixed issue with generating CineLink files from clips with specified In and Out points (defect 15761)

  • fixed issue with navigation through hard drives and network connections (defect 15418)

  • fixed editing of some specific fields in the metadata panel (defect 15547)

  • fixed issue with displaying media sources (defects 14549, 15815)

  • fixed issue with preserving the last opened path after restart and size and position of floating windows between sessions (defects 15411, 15848)

  • fixed issue with preventing initial Player pausing

  • fixed NullReferenceException on update state in Player

  • fixed duplication of clips in Clip Explorer

  • fixed issue with detection of valid device’s clips in Clip Explorer

  • fixed freeze when disabling Cinegy Archive target

  • fixed display of the Canon CF card content when only .SIF .XML files are present in the Clip Directory (defect 14273)

  • fixed incorrect adding of two different archive sources (defect 15821)

  • fixed issue with application launching in some specific cases (defect 15840)

  • fixed issue when the "Queue task" button is grayed out (defect 15863)

  • fixed issue with applying MAMS host settings after saving (defect 15931)

  • fixed hanging of Media player (defect 15929)

  • added other minor fixes and improvements

Cinegy Convert Monitor

  • changed tables layout according to common style in Task designer

  • added tooltips for Sources and Targets tables in Task designer

  • added the <Ctrl+S> hotkey for adding source in Task designer

  • added the <Ctrl+T> hotkey for adding target in Task designer

  • added possibility to change media slider position in Player with mouse wheel (defect 6729)

  • fixed scrolling the "Queue" tab (defect 15809)

  • fixed exception throwing after task reset in some specific cases

  • fixed incorrect displaying of the source .cinelink duration (defect 15761)

  • fixed incorrect task name while importing .cinelink (defect 15831)

Cinegy Convert Watch Service

  • improved .ts file import support (US 2009)

  • added source Quality selection option for Archive Quality building (US 4253)

  • added context menu by pressing right mouse button on Watch folder, Archive endpoint (US 4862)

  • added prevent message when Watch Service endpoint settings are changed (US 4846)

  • added missing column names to the table in the Watch folders tab (US 4944)

  • added button to open Convert Watch Service log file (US 4512)

  • added heart-beat timer stopping on service stop

  • added validation of Watch folder on initiating tasks callback with 5 minutes timeout after error

  • added patching wrong TV formats for editing File Export JDF (defect 15464, ticket EDD-384-36644)

  • changed info-level message "Cinegy Process Coordination Service connection was established"

  • fixed unexpected interruption of the service caused by missing target/watch folder (defect 15862, tickets WUL-941-86817, ZPK-137-81553)

  • fixed issue when Job is not processed by a new JDF with invalid target error in Cinegy Desktop (defect 15464, ticket EDD-384-36644)

  • fixed unhandled exception on Export profile

Cinegy Convert Profile Editor

  • improved profile saving procedure (defect 14188)

  • supported 1080i50 and 1080i59 interlaced TV formats by Avid DNxHD codec (defect 15630, ticket RRJ-994-44660)

  • fixed application failure when Program/Network Name fields are null (XDS Insertion) (defect 15695)

  • minor interface improvements (defect 15620)