Use this tab to define general settings and output parameters of the built-in clip viewer.


General Settings

Specify the interface language using the "Language" drop-down list.

In the "User log folder" field, specify the folder location where the user log files will be stored. To do this, use the "…​" button or enter the path via the keyboard.

The "Metadata editing" setting defines whether a user is allowed to edit custom metadata in the Cinegy Air playlist. Choose between the following options:


The "Enabled" option allows user to edit the playlist item description and any custom metadata fields.

When the "Disable" option is selected, all custom metadata fields (internal and fields defined in Cinegy Archive), predefined fields (Name, Description, Traffic ID, Subtitle ID) can not be edited for the playlist item inserted from Cinegy Archive or file storage.

When the "Disable Archive fields" option is selected, for the playlist item inserted from Cinegy Archive the predefined fields and fields defined in Cinegy Archive can not be edited, while internal custom metadata fields can be edited. If the item was inserted from the file storage, all its custom metadata fields and predefined fields can be edited.

The item comment can be edited regardless of "Metadata editing" option state.

Item Player

In the "Item player" section you can define external video and audio output devices for media playback. Any external video and audio devices defined would be used alongside the integrated Cinegy Clip Viewer. This can assist with checking the accuracy of playlist content before broadcasting it on air.

Item player settings are common for Cinegy Air and Cinegy Studio and are stored in XML files located in C:\ProgramData\Cinegy\CinegyAir\Config folder.

Video Accelerator

Use the "Video Accelerator" drop-down list to select whether the default CPU or an external graphics card will be used for rendering media files and Cinegy Title templates.

The drop-down list options depend on the graphics card(s) installed on your machine.

External Audio Output

In the "Audio output" drop-down list you can define the external audio device for audio playback, use the default setting or no audio output.


External Video Output

For video output, define the corresponding external device from the "External output" drop-down list.


Having selected the output device, the "Settings" button becomes available.

The external output devices settings description is available in the Output Devices article.

In the "Video system" drop-down list define the format for video output through the selected external output device.

Video Settings

  • Deinterlace – use the drop-down list to select deinterlace type:








    In "Still" mode, video is deinterlaced during playback and not deinterlaced on pause.
  • Show Start/End Hints – enable/disable start and end hints in the clip viewer.



    "Start" hint

    "End" hint

  • Show Media Offline Hint – enable/disable the "Media offline" message for the item when its media is offline.


If there are Cinegy Air PRO Web API services installed, select the corresponding option to automatically launch them at the start of Cinegy Air control application. Once selected, define the location of the Web service EXE file.

For workflows where two Cinegy Air clients are working with one Cinegy Playout engine and the Web API service is launched, closing one Cinegy Air client will not automatically reconnect the other.
Please contact Cinegy Professional Services for details of Cinegy Air PRO Web API services configuration.