Navigating through databases, searching for specific nodes, and selecting clips in Rolls, Sequences, or ClipBins in order to drag-and-drop them into the Cinegy Air playlist, browsing for locally stored clips and MCRitems – all these actions are available in the integrated browser window located by default in the left-hand part of the Cinegy Air window:


The following tabs are available for opening:

The "Cinegy Browser" and the "Cinegy Search" tabs provide access to the Cinegy Archive database and are only available with Cinegy Desktop installed on the machine running Cinegy Air. To work with the integrated browser, a separate corresponding software license is required. For more details about purchasing licenses, please contact the Cinegy Sales Team.
The "Cinegy Browser" tab provides navigation through the Cinegy Archive database selected in the Cinegy Configurator. Refer to the Cinegy Configurator article within the Cinegy Desktop Manual for detailed information on how to configure a connection to the Cinegy Archive database.

To show/hide the integrated browser tabs, select/deselect the corresponding option in the "View" main menu: