Cinegy Browser mode is designed for efficient navigation through the Cinegy Archive database. In this mode you can browse content of the database in a tree-like structure on the left-hand part of the panel.

The Cinegy Browser tab displays the content of each folder or bin selected in the database tree. As soon as you click a ClipBin or Roll, all clips will be displayed on the right-hand panel:


Clicking a DocumentBin will display its content as thumbnails:



Double-clicking a clip will open it in the viewer:

Refer to the Viewing and Editing Items article to learn about clip handling in the viewer.

If no media quality for a particular footage is available, the clip thumbnails will be displayed as follows:


The system displays the "Media Offline" text instead of showing the media material in the viewer. Such clips are not allowed to be added to the Cinegy Air playlist.

icon waveform

The audio-only clips are indicated with the waveform icon. The system performs the audio-only playback in the viewer displaying the waveform of the audio. For stereo record, the left channel is displayed above the zero line and the right channel is displayed below the zero line:



Each container can be expanded or collapsed by pressing the arrow buttons correspondingly. The content of any expanded folder can be sorted by name, type and name, creation date or type and creation date by selecting the corresponding option from the "Arrange by" context menu command:


The folders will be sorted only within the selected folder.

The collapsed folders content cannot be sorted.


There is a number of view options to display the content of the folder or container (Roll, ClipBin, DocumentBin, etc.). To change view, click the "Change your view" icon and select the corresponding option:

The "Change your view" icon will look different depending on the view you have chosen.

You can use the slider to manually change the thumbnails scale between medium and extra large icon size.

Adding to Playlist

The clip, Sequence or document selected on the right-hand panel can be dragged-and-dropped directly to the Cinegy Air playlist.

If high quality is not available for the clip, the following dialog box appears when you try to drag-and-drop it to a playlist:



Press the "Restore" button to retrieve unavailable files stored in the HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) from the Cinegy Archive database.


Press the "Autodegradate" button to switch the clip to the next available quality. For example, if the high quality is required, but not available and the medium quality is available, the autodegradation will switch the clip to the medium quality.


Press the "Restore & autodegradate" button to retrieve unavailable files stored on the HSM and in the case of failure – switch the clip to the next available quality.