Cinegy Air Playlist Editor allows creating playlists to be used further in the Cinegy Air control application.

A playlist is a kind of a vertical cascaded timeline divided into separate programs. Each program contains from one to several blocks which are logical groupings of Cinegy Air playlist items.

When you launch Cinegy Air Playlist Editor, a new program containing an empty block appears in the playlist by default:


Every program displays the broadcasting date information depending on the start time and duration values of all the previous items.

Creating a New Playlist

Select the "New…​" command from the "File" main menu to create a new playlist or press the Ctrl+N keyboard shortcut assigned by default:


You will be prompted to save the current playlist (if there are any unsaved changes) before creating a playlist.

The following dialog box appears, allowing you to define the new playlist parameters:


Select the appropriate settings for the video system and the aspect ratio and then press "OK". The newly created playlist appears as a program that consists only of one block containing an item named <empty> by default. This item is displayed in red and has zero duration:



The initial default playlist settings are set in the Cinegy Air Configurator in the "Cinegy Air Playlist Editor" tab. The playlist with these settings will be created when Cinegy Air Playlist Editor is opened for the first time.

In the "Configuration" menu it is possible to define from which channel the playlist settings (video system, time zone, CG repository, audio matrix presets, default original and target aspects, variance threshold) will be read to create playlists specifically for this channel:

The channel(s) should be previously configured via Cinegy Air Configurator in the "Cinegy Air PRO" tab. Refer to the Channel Configuration section for a detailed description of creation and configuration of Cinegy Air channels.

In this case it is possible to create new playlist of the format defined in the Cinegy Air channel settings, the "Video system" and "Aspect ratio" fields will be disabled in the "New playlist" dialog:


Choose the "Default" configuration to be able to create playlists of any required TV format.

The following information is displayed in the caption of the Cinegy Air Playlist Editor window:


If the playlist settings differ from the video system currently used by Cinegy Air Playlist Editor (due to the playlist already loaded in the editor), Cinegy Air channel video system details are shown in the brackets:


Saving Playlist

To save the current playlist, choose the "Save" command from the "File" main menu or press the Crtl+S keyboard shortcut assigned by default:


The common "Save as…​" dialog box appears. Navigate to the desired location and enter the playlist name. The file will be saved as an "MCRlist" file.

The playlist name will be displayed in the Cinegy Air window caption.

To save the playlist with a different name or in a different location, use the "Save as…​" command.

Export Opt-Out Playlist

The playlist containing opt-out blocks can be exported for opt-out servers. For this use the "Export opt-out playlist…​" command from the "File" main menu:


The common "Save as" dialog will appear where you can specify the opt-out playlist name.

In the exported playlist, opt-out blocks are cleared and marked as empty. All items outside opt-out blocks are replaced with live items (one per block), preserving their duration.

Opening Playlist

To open an existing playlist, use the "Open…​" command from the "File" main menu or press the Crtl+O keyboard shortcut assigned by default:


Navigate to the playlist file location. Select the "*.MCRlist" file and press "Open". All items saved in the playlist will appear in the playlist panel.

You will be prompted to save the current playlist before opening a new one.

Opening Recent

To open a recently used playlist, use the "Open recent" command from the "File" main menu: