The single/multi-channel mode interface is made up of six panels:


The Single/Multi-channel Mode Interface Sample

It is also possible to enable Cinegy Browser, Cinegy Search, and/or File Browser plug-ins for convenient playlist preparation and search of required media files. Enable the necessary plug-in via the "View" main menu.

The panels can be shown or hidden according to your needs. Select or deselect the corresponding panel in the "View" main menu.


For example, if only on-air control and playlist panels are needed, the window will look as follows:


Playlist Caption

The Cinegy Air window caption displays the version number, the currently open playlist name, and the playout server.


The main application menu provides access to the commands for working with a playlist and its items. In single/multi-channel mode it looks as follows:

The "Playout" menu is not available in Cinegy Air Playlist Editor.

On-Air Control Panel

Here you will find the countdown and clock displays of the current on-air item, as well as the system time and buttons that control playback.


Playout Control Panel

The playout control panel is only available in single/multi-channel mode. There are two control monitors. The first monitor (on the left) shows the item that is currently being broadcast. The second monitor (on the right) shows the first frame of the next cued item that will be broadcast next.


It is possible to swap the position of the control monitors. To do this, open the Cinegy Air Configurator and select the "Swap control monitors" checkbox:


To show or hide (toggle) the playout control panel, use the default Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut or use the "View" main menu > "Playout control panel".

It is possible to reassign the default shortcut used to show/hide the playout control panel and to add a new combination(s) via the keyboard customizer. Refer to the Keyboard article for more information about the keyboard customization.

Channels Control Panel

Each channel is represented by a separate tab on the playlist panel. When the tab is activated, the corresponding channel playlist will be displayed:


Switching Between Channels

To navigate between different channels, click the desired channel tab in the playlist panel or select a channel from the list on the timeline. Selecting any playlist item from the channel automatically switches to the corresponding channel tab and highlights the selected item in the channel playlist. The broadcasting control is switched over to the selected channel.

Channels Preview

Cinegy Air has an optional panel for the multi-channel playout preview displaying the outputs from all the configured channels. To open it, select the "Monitor Panel" option in the "View" main menu.


The monitor panel shows the following information about each channel:

  • channel name with the channel status indication;

  • video preview;

  • audio indicators;

  • VANC data;

  • on-air item name.

The active channel preview window is highlighted with a red border. To quickly switch between channels, simply click the desired channel preview window. The broadcasting control will be switched over to the corresponding channel.

VANC Data Display

If a media file contains VANC (Vertical Ancillary Data Space) data, it will be displayed on the playout control panel on the corresponding control monitor.

The following VANC information is available in Cinegy Air:

  • CC (Closed Captions) – indicates if closed captions are present in the current media file.

  • AFD (Active Format Description) – displays the active picture aspect ratio.

  • PR (Parental Rating) – displays the TV parental guidelines rating of the current media content.

AFD Data

The following table shows the AFD codes for different aspect ratios of the active image:

Target Aspect Ratio AFD Code

16:9 output









4:3 output









Playlist Panel


The playlist in single/multi-channel mode is similar to the playlist in Cinegy Air Playlist Editor. All columns are available to you and can be managed using the "Customize" column management tool. All items in the playlist have a background color that changes depending on the status of an item.

Refer to the Playlist Table Customization article for full details on all available columns and their management.
Refer to the Item Status, Coloring and Font paragraph for details about playlist coloring.



The timeline panel represents an interactive list of all the available channels. The playlist for each channel is shown as a horizontal timeline. The current playout position is marked with a red triangle

Refer to the Timeline article for more details.

Item Editor Panel


The item editor panel is used to edit individual items, add items, new blocks, and new programs to the playlist, and navigate through the playlist. The preview window is located on the left of this panel. It shows the first frame of the selected item.

To show or hide (toggle) the item editor panel, use the Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut set by default or use the main menu "View" > "Item Editor" command.

It is possible to reassign the default shortcut used to show/hide the item editor panel and to add a new combination(s) via the keyboard customizer. Refer to the Keyboard article for more information about the keyboard customization.

Secondary Events Panel


This panel provides an interface to manage secondary events from external devices for the selected item.

The secondary events panel can be hidden using the main menu "View" > "Item editing panel" > "Secondary events" command.