For convenience in work with Cinegy Air according to your requirements, assign the shortcut keys using the "Keyboard…​" command from the "Edit" main menu:


The "Customize Keyboard" dialog appears:


Select the required command by navigating in the "Categories" and "Commands" fields. The selected command description is displayed in the "Description" field.

The categories list of the "Customize Keyboard" dialog differs depending on application mode: the categories supported in Cinegy Air Playlist Editor only are not available in single/multi-channel mode and vice versa.

The "Current keys" field displays all the assigned shortcuts for the selected command, if any.

Remove button

To delete an existing shortcut, select it from the list and press the "Remove" button.

Assign button

To assign a new shortcut for the selected command, press the desired keys combination in the "Press new shortcut key" field and press the "Assign" button. If the specified shortcut is already assigned to any other command, the corresponding command name will appear in the "Currently assigned" field. Pressing the "Assign" button in this case assigns the entered shortcut for the selected command anyway.

Reset all button

To reset all the changes, press the "Reset All…​" button.

Close button

Press the "Close" button to confirm the changes and close the dialog box.