The MCRitem is an XML file that defines a separate playback element in the playlist with the set of metadata that describes the given item. It can represent a simple clip or a comprehensive Sequence with titles, effects, pictures and voice-overs inside. The MCRitem also includes descriptive metadata (name, description, comment) and the data, defining the processing and display of the given item.

This allows you to send a prepared Sequence directly to the playlist from your Cinegy Desktop without rendering the media file. The rendering will be performed on-the-fly.

To create an MCRitem, follow the steps:

  1. Create a shared folder (e.g. Inventory) where the *.MCRitems will be stored.

  2. Open the Cinegy Desktop application:

    Refer to the Cinegy Desktop Manual to learn how to work with this product.
  3. Select the desired Sequence or clip from the Roll/ClipBin and choose the "Send to inventory…​" command from the context menu:


    The common "Save as" dialog box appears:


    Navigate to your dedicated inventory folder and enter a file name into the text field.

  4. Press the "Save" button to create the ".MCRitem" file with the name you have specified.

Use Windows File Explorer to add *.MCRitem(s) to the Cinegy Air playlist.

Refer to the Adding Items to Playlist article to learn how to add *.MCRitems to the Cinegy Air playlist.