Term Definition

Author block

A Story script block with commentary (usually off-screen) recorded on top of the video material.

Cinegy Archive

The MAM (Media Asset Management) and archive solution for real-time collaborative workflow, short- and long-time archive, powerful search and enterprise- level access, rights management, and control.

Cinegy Ingest

The process of capturing and registering audio-video materials and documents in the system. The source for Cinegy Ingest can be a tape, live feed, or a media file from the disk or another NLE package. The result of the Cinegy Ingest session is always a Roll.

Cinegy Titler template

A template of a graphic scene prepared in the Cinegy Titler editor, that is used as a titler.


A single instance of the essence; audio, video, or both. One or more media objects each having the same start time datum and the same duration. A clip contains synchronized video, audio, and tape time data elements and has In point and Out point that are determined automatically during the ingest process (typically using scene change detection).


A container for user clips. It can be also used to browse, collect, preview, and rough-cut media material.

Clip element

A single media object that forms a part of a clip. Codecs exist for all kinds of compressed video, including DV, motion-JPEG, MPEG-1, 2 and 4, and many others.


In Cinegy Desktop, export the project with "handles" (additional pieces of material from the left and right).


A container for production-related documents stored in Cinegy Archive.


An electronic copyright protection USB device which, when connected to a computer, unlocks software functionality for certain Cinegy products or services.

Graphics text block

A Story script block containing a simple text.

Graphics 1…​5 block

A Story script block containing information about the Cinegy Titler template created via the Cinegy Titler application.

Ingest Cluster

Cinegy Ingest provides ways to connect several machines to the Cinegy Ingest cluster that works as a single machine combining, therefore, the power necessary to accomplish the task in real time.


It is used on Timeline for rubber banding to adjust the volume/balance of an audio object and the opacity of a video object.


A special entry in the root of the Cinegy Desktop explorer tree, which is used to store corporate materials such as logos or countdowns, as well as internal documents. Library folders are meant for storing objects according to the corporate rules of the organization.

Live on V1…​3 block

A Story script block containing information about Live Input items.

Master clip

In Cinegy Desktop, a piece of the original material that is defined during ingest or logging session. Master clips hold all the metadata values. They always reside in a Roll, created during the ingest session, and cannot be moved to another location. User clips (or simply "clips") are only references to master clips. Therefore, any change to the metadata in the original master clip will be propagated to all the relevant clips.

Media Cleaner

A tool for analyzing media usage and compacting usable video assets. All operations can be performed fully automatically as a scheduled process, allowing a high degree of automation and storage retention.

Media Logger

A tool for associating a script in RTF or TXT file format with a Roll, that provides easy and efficient Roll logging and filling it with metadata.


A multi-cam object containing multiple source clips of the same TV format. It enables simultaneous access to the essence from up to four cameras with synchronous real-time processing and preview.

News Program Manager

The Rundown manager within Cinegy Desktop where News Programs are planned and Stories are created and edited.

News Program

A container for news Stories. It can be used to create, browse, collect, preview, and rough-cut Stories. Create Rundowns and templates for each date separately.


The process of bringing the video material prepared in Cinegy Desktop to another system.

Placeholder MOG

A special type of a Roll with a predefined TV format, start timecode, and duration. It is used as a temporary substitution for source essence that has not yet been ingested.


The News Program Manager panel is usually used as storage for work-in-progress material.

Presenter block

A Story script block containing narration to be read by an anchorperson.


A Roll is a container for master clips. The Roll normally represents one ingest session, i.e., a tape, a file, or a piece of live ingest.

Newswires Service

A standalone service that extracts items for RSS feeds from various websites and publishes them in Cinegy Archive for further use.

Rubber banding

The feature on Timeline allowing to adjust the volume of the audio objects with the keyframes.


A list of Stories in the News Program to be played on-air and the News Program Manager panel containing sorted material to be sent to air.

Rundown template

A template created via the News Program Manager that defines the Rundown(s) to be applied to the specified day of the week.

Story script

Entered information about the Story material: words of the narrator, dialogues, titles, commentaries, etc.


A string of one or more clips joined by the edit function. A Sequence may also be created without containing any clips or the essence.


A basic element of a News Program. It contains scripts and media attachments covering a separate news Story.

Story Editor

A Cinegy news tool for creating and editing Stories.


A virtual selected segment of a clip, no new essence created.


Track destination selector.


Track enable/disable – A toggle-style button on Timeline that will activate and de-activate a track. Every track on Timeline has one.


A module inside Cinegy Desktop that is meant for handling Sequences regardless of its size and complexity. Timeline contains separate tracks for video and audio material, as well as a wide range of tools for various manipulations.

Transcript block

A Story script block containing spoken words of those appearing on screen.

Trim window

The mode of Sequence Viewer when the trimming on Timeline is performed.

Video 1…​3 block

A Story script block containing the video object icon and the name of the video material.