There are two main ways to preview a clip in a bin: either launch the Clip Viewer window or play it in place.

Refer to the Viewing Video Material section for more detailed instructions on the video playback control.

Playing in Clip Viewer


Double-click the clip you want to play, or select it and press the "Open in Clip Viewer" button in the toolbar. The "Clip Viewer" window appears. Press the "Play" button to play the clip in Clip Viewer.


By default, if Clip Viewer is already open, the clip will be played in the same window. If you want to launch an additional Clip Viewer, you can shift-double-click the clip or select the "Open in new Clip Viewer" command from the right-click menu of the clip.

Playing in Place

Select the desired clip in the storyboard or table view and hit the Space bar. The clip will be played in place. The clip timeline turns blue to indicate the mode. You can see the current progress of the playback with a blue bar in the clip timeline at the top of the clip.


Hit the Space bar to toggle the playback. All the other playback control keys are the same as those used with Clip Viewer.

Hit the Esc key to exit playing-in-place mode.

You can use the full-screen playback with F12 in this mode. The in-place playback is not available when the thumbnail size is below a certain limit.

Previewing a Multiclip

A multiclip can be viewed both in Clip Viewer and in place as it is described above in this section. When you play in place, you can only view the active clip of your multiclip. Open the multiclip in Clip Viewer to get advanced options for viewing the multiclip:


Here you can toggle between clips and select audio/video angles for displaying.

Refer to the Viewing Video Material section for more details concerning the playback control when viewing a multiclip.