Cinegy Desktop provides copyright management for all the ingested video materials. Every clip can hold information about related copyright issues. You can mark a master clip as copyrighted, simply by choosing an appropriate copyright level in the "Predefined" tab of the table view, with the "Rights indicator" field.


A corresponding colored copyright mark will be displayed on the master clip thumbnail.

Set for a master clip copyright permissions are propagated to the related clip. Further work with such a clip (editing effects, export in a Sequence, etc.) may be limited depending on the type of rights assigned to this master clip.

Rights Types

The rights indicator is set to free use; no copyright symbol appears indicating that the material can be used freely.


The locally ingested material (i.e., voice-over, CD ingest, etc.) is marked with "local rights".


The "medium rights" sign indicates that there might be some rights management issues. The use of such material should be discussed with the owner.


The "strict rights" icon indicates that the use of this material is affected by strict rights issues. The use of such material should always be discussed with the respective owner.


The "no rights" indicator means that the use of such material is usually not allowed.